Monday Night Raw:


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw!" Cole exclaimed when Raw came on the air.

Vince's music came on. The crowd exploded.

"The boss is back!" JBL exclaimed.

Vince came walking out as Stephanie and Triple H walked behind him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome one of the principal owners of WWE, Stephanie McMahon, the COO, Triple H, and the chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon!"

The three entered the ring.

"Were you guys expecting this!" Cole exclaimed.

"What have we done to deserve this!" Jerry said.

Vince got a microphone.

"Have you missed me!" Vince exclaimed.

The crowd cheered loudly.

"I did!" JBL exclaimed.

Vince continued, "Well from the looks of things, I think things have been in good hands since I left," Vince pointed to Steph and Triple H, "Ladies and gentlemen, the authority!"

Boos erupted.

I tweet: 'They hate you @stephaniemcmahon and @tripleh.'

Vince smiled, "It seems you're a little under appreciated," he said to his daughter and son in law.

"At Survivor Series you've got Team Authority vs Team Cena in a traditional Survivor Series tag team match," Vince said, "But as good as this is, why don't we raise the stakes!"

I tweet: 'What?'

Vince continued, "I want the fans to feel what I felt. True power!"

"Lets rise the stakes. What if we have something like this," Vince said, "Team Cena vs Team Authority, but if Team Authority loses than they will no longer be the authority."

Stephanie and Triple H whipped their heads at him.

"Which means that the authority will no longer be in power" Vince announced.

I tweet: 'wvbhtkvdjnvgjjcdgceg, good sh*t! #thankyouvince.'

The crowd started chanting yes.

"I know you can do it," Vince said, "What do you say we go take a walk."

"Wait!" JBL yelled, "Who would be in power if the authority loses!"

"Are you already losing faith in them?" Cole asked.

"No!" JBL exclaimed, "Nobody will join Team Cena, but what if the unthinkable happened."

The three exited the ring.

"Do you think this came as a surprise to the authority?" Jerry asked, "Just by the looks on Stephanie and Triple H's face, it looked unexpected."

Dean's theme came on.

"Well, here is a man who has been a thorn in the authorities sides," Cole said as Dean came walking out.

"Wait just a second," JBL said as Dean stopped in front of Vince, "Mr. McMahon looks like he's walking out to greet him."

Vince shook Dean's hand.

"What?" Jerry exclaimed.

"The authority doesn't seem to happy," Cole said.

Dean waved at Triple H before getting in the ring.

"Wha.... what just happened?" JBL asked.


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