Chapter 87: Nikki and Eva's Secrets

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I forced myself out of bed. I showered and got into jean shorts and a tank top with my swimsuit underneath before walking in the kitchen.

Someone had set breakfast out. Their was all kinds of food.

"Good morning, Gabby," Brie said as I walked next to her and grabbed a plate.

"Good morning," I said as I started putting some fruit on my plate.

"I might just eat everything, just so you guys know," Nikki commented from next to Brie.

"I might beat you to it," Lauren said back.

I went over to the table and sat in between Eva and Cameron. I dug right in.

"You feeling better?" Brie asked Eva.

"Yeah, just a long night," Eva muttered.

"It was a long night," Nikki said in agreement.

It had been. I felt like crap. Hopefully I could just lay outside, get a tan and sleep.

After breakfast I went into my room and called Dean again.

"Dean Ambrose," the other end of the line said in a weird voice.

I didn't say anything for a while, "Seriously?"

Someone laughed, "Hey."

"Seth, what are you doing with Dean's phone?" I asked.

"He's working out right now, and he left it at a machine, so I took it."

"Don't you think he'll notice?"

"Sooner or later."

"Can you get him?"

"Nah, why don't we just talk. How's Cabo?"

"Beautiful," I bragged, "We went partying last night."

"Did you get drunk?"

I snorted, "A little."

"A lot."


"Yeah, OK."

"OK, fine, quite a lot."

Seth laughed, "I knew it."

"Can I please talk to Dean now."

"Ok, fine, let me get him."

I waited for about a minute.

"Hey, Gabs," I recognized Deans voice.

"Hey, Deano. How's the working out going?"

"Great," Dean answered, "How's the relaxing."

"Alright," I muttered, "I think I drank to much."

Dean chuckled, "Sometimes you just got to have fun."

"Very true," I said in agreement, "So, what are you doing today?"

"Probably just stare at a picture of you and cry myself to sleep."

I giggled, "Wow, you miss me that much?"

"You bet ya, but I'm glad you're having fun."

"Yep, I'll be back in a few days."

"Ok, I better let you go. See ya Saturday."

"Love you," I hung up.

I took my tank top and shorts off, leaving a black swimsuit before putting my sunglasses on and walking outside. Nattie and Nikki were by the pool.

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