Friday Night Smackdown:


I was standing in the ring when Smackdown came from commercial. I had on some blue jeans, a black tank top and some combat boots.

Combat Boots were the best feeling in the world.

I put the microphone to my lips and looked at my outfit, "After having to run last week, it scared me to even think about wearing heels to the ring."

I tapped the microphone as I continued, "I had a lot of time to think over the past few days," I said, "I kind of just sat back and thought the situation I'm in and it proved to be very beneficial."

"Because I don't like every member of the authority by any means," I said, "In fact, I hate most of their guts to be honest."

"I'll give you an example and hopefully I don't get in trouble for this," I started pacing, "Summer Rae attacked me from behind last week. That was a very unsmart thing for you to do, Ms. Rae. You haven't seen at all what I am capable of and you don't want to see that side of me."

"So Summer, since we are on a team now why don't you get your a** out here and we can speak like professionals," I said as I watched the ramp.

Nobody came out.

I raised the microphone back up, "Come on Summer, don't be scared, I'm not going to hurt you. Get out here."

Instead of Summer coming out, AJ's music came on. I shook my head full of irritation as AJ started skipping to the ring, championship in hand.

AJ got a microphone and slid into the ring. She waved at me.

"Hello," AJ said, "Allow me to introduce myself," AJ held her hand out to me, "I'm AJ Lee, the divas champion."

I nodded, "I can see that, pip squeak. But it's obvious that you must be deaf, because I didn't ask for you to be out here."

"I heard you loud and clear," AJ said, "Last Monday we had a tag team match against each other and I was this close to beating the two sell outs until you had to cheat your way into a win."

"Oh, I see," I said, "You're out here to complain, am I right?"

I shrugged, "That wouldn't be the first time, would it?"

AJ smiled and mouth OK before saying, "All I'm saying Gabby is that you can't beat me one on one."

I raised an eyebrow and looked at the crowd, "That sounds like a challenge to me. I mean AJ if your so confident why don't we do whats best for business and put your title on the line!"

The crowd cheered as AJ stared at her title in her hand.

Before anything else could happen, Paige's theme came on. I rolled my eyes.

"And here comes Paige, former divas champion," Cole said as Paige started walking to the ring.

Paige climbed in the ring with a microphone of her own. I watched her with narrowed eyes.

"No, No, No, No, No," Paige said as her music ended, "That is not happening, if anyone deserves a title shot its me."

The crowd clapped in agreement.

"Paige," I said, "You have your opportunity on Sunday."

"I deserve a one on one shot match for that divas title," Paige pointed to the title, "Not some screwy triple threat way match."

"A triple threat way match?" I asked, "That's what you mean? A triple threat WAY match."

"Stop with your games, Gabby. You know what I mean," Paige said.

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