Monday Night Raw:


Dean and I were walking hand in hand into the arena.

"Six more days till Wrestlemania," I sang.

"It's going to be a crazy week," Dean told me.

"I love axxess though, you know, getting to meet all the fans and everything," I commented, "But on top of it you kind of just wish you could put all your focus on your match."

"Hey, fiancée," Dean paused.

"Are you going to start calling me that all the time now?" I asked him.

"Maybe," Dean said, "It just sounds so good, you know."

I giggled as Dean continued.

"So, have you told any of our WWE friends?" Dean asked me.

"No," I said, "I'm trying to think of a way to do it so they all freak out."

Dean chuckled, "Why don't you just walk in the room and yell, 'Look, I'm engaged!"

"Oh, I know," I said, "Lets tell the whole world! The fans don't even know yet."

"Ok, what do you want to do?" Dean asked as I stopped and pulled my phone out.

"Twitter," I said, "I think we may be able to get Deanby trending."

"Deanby?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, it's a ship name," I said.

"A what?" Dean continued.

I smiled at him, "Never mind that, lets take a picture."

I took a picture of Dean and I, myself with my ring held up, before I stated: 'I said yes'

I turned my phone off, "I'll check that in a minute."

"Ok, well here's where we have to split ways," Dean said.

I frowned.

"Hey," Dean said, "See you soon."

I nodded and gave him a quick kiss, "Ok, love you."

"Love you too. fiancée!"

I giggled as I headed off towards the locker room. As soon as I reached the door I yanked it open..........

"Gabby!" Paige instantly screamed when I got in. She ran over, "Is it true? Let me see!"

I put my hand up. She screamed before crushing me with a hug, "I can't believe it! My girls all grown up!"

"I'm older than you," I told her.

Emma had ran over now and also crushed me in a hug, "I knew this day would come! I knew it!"

Soon all the divas were crowding around me, even ones that I barely ever talked to.

"Ok, everyone let her breath," AJ suddenly said.

"Can I go help you pick your wedding dress!" Paige suddenly exclaimed.

"Ok, calm down everyone," I said, "I'm not even going to start thinking about this before after Wrestlemania, so you can all just cool it."

When I was finally able to get some space, I decided to put my ring gear on for the night. Who knew what plan Stephanie had in store for me.

I finished tying my combat boots up and was able to sneak out of the locker room.

As soon as I got out of the locker room, I almost ran smack dab into Nikki and Brie.

"Oh my god, Gabby!" Brie suddenly exclaimed, "Congratulations!"

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