Monday Night Raw:

"We are so going to get kicked out," Audrey said, "We are going to die. Something's going down and it's not going to be good, I can feel it. They are so kicking us out."

"Audrey, shut up," I muttered.

I was still staring at my phone, waiting for Seth to message me back, if he even would. Raw was currently on commercial and we were waiting for the Main Event to start, or whatever happened before that.

"What did you tell Seth?" Audrey asked suddenly, still jumping nervously in her seat.

"I told them to bring it," I said with a shrug.

Audrey shook her head, "Wha..... Why?"

"Because I don't back down from a fight," I told her, "Never have, never will, so if they want to kick us out, they'll have to carry us out."

"Well... maybe the authority doesn't know we're here. Maybe Seth just knows," Audrey suggested.

I cleared my throat, "THEY know you're here. THEY do," I pointed at my message, "THEY."

Audrey shook her head, "That could be anyone."

I slammed my arm on my leg, "Who else would they be?"

Audrey didn't answer, instead she said, "Well, if it is them, than I think you should avoid physical violence."

I snorted, "We'll be fine, Audrey."

I jumped a little when my phone signaled a text message. I instantly checked it.

"It's Seth again," I muttered, showing her the message.

'Here's a suggestion. Just sit down and don't say anything.'

"This is some kind of trap," Audrey said instantly.

"No it's not," I muttered.

"How do you know Stephanie isn't going to get some wrestlers to come down here and knock your brains out," Audrey told me.

"Because she can't hit me," I said, "I could call the police on her and she knows it, it's happened before."

"Maybe Seth's trying to trick you into something," Audrey suggested, "Why would he tell you the authority is knows?"

"I don't know," I muttered, "I've already learned that I don't know him like I thought I did."

Audrey jumped a little bit when Roman Reign's music came on.

"Main event time," I muttered as I turned around so I could watch Roman walk through the crowd.

Roman made it to ringside and have me a second smile before getting in the ring. I adjusted my glasses on my face and the hat on my head.

Daniel came running out next, chanting yes. I clapped for the two men as Daniel joined Roman.

Seth's music came on. Audrey turned to leave, but I grabbed her wrist, "If anyone should be worried it should be me," I muttered.

Seth came walking out, followed by Big Show, Kane, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury. I cringed a little bit when Triple H and Stephanie came walking behind them.

"Well this is fantastic," Audrey said.

I gripped onto the barricade as the group walked to ringside. Seth immediately made eye contract with me. I stood up straight and stared right back at him.

"It's about to go down," Audrey muttered.

Seth broke eye contact with me when he went ahead and got in the ring. I watched as the two teams prepared to face off.

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