Monday Night Raw:


Rybaxel was taking on Los Matadores. Curtis Axel was currently taking control of Diego.

The crowd exploded in cheers as the four of us appeared at the barricade. Curtis Axel turned to us and Diego was able to take advantage of the distraction.

"This isn't good for Rybaxel," Cole said, "Looking for some payback after what happened on Raw."

Without speaking, the four of us lept over the barricade and surrounded the ring.

Roman and I went after Curtis Axel as Seth and Dean went after Ryback. Roman threw Curtis Axel at the barricade. I slid in the ring and gave Ryback a drop kick to the back, causing him to turnaround right into a spear.

Roman roared as Dean and Seth picked Ryback up. I sat on the corner and smirked as they triple power bombed him.

"You knew the Shield wouldn't take what they did lying down," Cole said, "Kane better be watching."


I watched from ringside as Seth and Dean took on the Real Americans. Roman stood next to me.

I stepped back as Seth suicide dived Cesaro at ringside. Seth quickly got back in the ring and flipped over the top rope, landing on Swagger before landing on his feet.

"Seth's a ninja," I whispered to Roman.

Seth ran in the ring and went for a knee to the face, but Swagger grabbed Seth's ankle for the patriot lock.

"He's going to have to tap!" JBL yelled.

"Come on, Seth!" I cheered, pounding the mat. The fans started clapping along with me.

Seth made it to the bottom rope. Both Roman and I sighed in relief.

Seth got to his feet and hit Swagger with an enzugiri before hitting a piece of mind and pinning him for the win.

I yelped in excitement as I got in the ring. Dean and Roman both slid in after me.

"Nice work," I told Seth. He ruffled my hair in a brotherly way.

"Hey, guys," Dean motioned towards the announcement table.

The four if us slid out if the ring. Roman and Seth went over to get Cesaro. I threw the cover off the announce table, causing the fans to break out cheering and chanting yes.

Dean and I each removed a monitor as I shoved everything else off. Roman, Dean and Seth set it up. I stood back as Cesaro went through the announcement table thanks to a triple power bomb.

The four of us got back in the ring.

I jumped in surprise as Kanes music came on, right after a explosion of fire. I turned to look at the stage as Kane, and The New Age Outlaws came onto the ramp wearing suits. Summer Rae followed them with a black dress and heels. I glared at her, wishing she would come down here so I cold rip her hair out of her head.

Kane put a microphone to his lips, "As director of operations I'd like to inform the four if you that you have been scheduled to a match at Wrestlemania against the four of us."

I nodded with a smirk. Perfect.

"At Wrestlemania," Kane continued, "We are going to destroy you. Believe in that!"

Kane dropped his mic.

"Bring it!" I screamed at them, glaring at Summer in particular.

Main Event:


I was getting set for action against AJ. Now was my time for revenge. After everything she had done to me, I was ready for some revenge.

AJ came skipping down the ring with her title belt above her head. I stared at it longingly. There was nothing more I wanted then that. Sadly, I already had a match for Wrestlemania so neither Summer or me were in the Divas title match. I knew I could do two matches, but whatever. I guess the best thing after winning the divas title is beating Summers ass down so I would take it.

AJ smirked mockingly at me as she kissed her title and held it out so it was in front of my face. I took a step forward, but the ref held me back.

"Gabby is looking for revenge tonight. She has a lot of history with AJ," Tom said as the bell rang. We circled.

"Yes, but AJ isn't just an easy obstacle," Byron said.

We locked up and I quickly took her over in a headlock. AJ struggled for a moment before wrapping her legs over my neck. I pulled them apart before she ran back to me. I did an arm drag before sliding into an arm bar.

"Both divas trying to build momentum for Wrestlemania," Byron said.

AJ tipped over so my shoulders were down. I kicked out, forcing me to let go of the arm bar. AJ got up quickly and kicked me in the face, causing me to flip on my back.

"That's right. AJ has a title match and Gabby has a tag team match with her teammates, The Shield," Tom informed.

AJ went for a quick win, but I kicked out. We continued going back and forth.

After about ten minutes, AJ went for the black widow. I panicked inside as I quickly backed away and slid out of the ring.

"Perhaps a moment of panic by Gabby," Tom said as I took a deep breath.

"What a great performance these ladies are putting on," Byron said as the crowd was cheering approvingly as I grabbed the bottom rope, preparing to get back in the ring.

The crowd broke into boos. I spun around to see a familiar person walking to the ring.


I let go of the bottom rope and stared at her. Summer continued walking down.

I made the decision to completely ignore the match and go after her.

Completely caught by surprise, Summer only got a few steps before I grabbed her by the hair.

"She's got her!" Byron exclaimed.

"Run, Summer!" Tom said beside him.

Summer struggled as someone grabbed my hair from behind and wammed me on my neck on the steel. The ref rang the bell.

Kane stood above me. Summer smirked as she stood by him. They got away quickly as the Shield ran down to check on me. I sat up, holding my head.

I would get my hands on her if it was the last thing I did.
Sorry guys, the chapter isn't the best. I was just trying to get an update in since I haven't in a while. I have bigger stuff planned next chapter.

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