Friday Night Smackdown:


All four of us were in the center of the ring to start Smackdown. I looked over at Seth as he spoke.

"It's said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," Seth said, "In the Shields case, we're stronger, angrier, hungrier and more focused then ever before after what happened to us this Monday," he motioned towards the monitor.

I watched with narrowed eyes as it showed Evolution and Summer destroying us. It ended with Roman receiving a triple power bomb through the announce table.

I put my hand out and Seth gave me the microphone. I looked at the crowd, my eyes still full of anger, "When is Evolution and Summer going to learn that if you want to take us down, you're going to have to try a little bit harder then that. The fact is that you can continue to knock us down, but the four of us, we continue to get back up. You can't keep us down and that will be your downfall."

I handed the mic to Dean. He took it and started with his usual pacing.

"Is that all you got?" Dean asked, "That footage might make Evolution happy, but it's no holds barred this Sunday. That means anything goes and you four better bring everything you've got and bring two of them, because the hounds are going to unleashed on Sunday and I promise you when's it's all said and done the Shield will stand strong."

Seth took the microphone back, "Not only is this Sunday no holds barred, it's also set under elimination rules. That means after I pin Randy Orton," Seth smiled, "He has to take a walk. But don't worry, Randy. I'm sure if you can't get up there will be a stretcher near by to wheel you out."

Seth continued, "You see a four on four situation can quickly turn into four on three, then four on two and hell it may even turn into four on one. So after we eliminate Batista, the odds of us losing anyone will be very slim."

I took the mic from Seth, "And once that happens, Summer will have no one to hide behind and I will have the pleasure to eliminate you myself. You think you can beat me? Payback is your time to prove it."

I spoke again, "Then maybe fate will have it that Triple H is the lone man left on his team. And we will make sure to take our time with you, Hunter. When all said and done, I promise you that we will have a clean sweep," I handed the mic to Roman.

"Last Monday Evolution triple power bombed me through an announce table," Roman commented, "Big mistake, because at Payback we are going to torture you with Kindo sticks, steel chairs, we're going to break barricades," He glanced at the announce table, "And we are going to destroy every announce table available. Believe that and Believe in the Shield."

I slowly put my fist in the center. The guys put theirs beside mine.

"What's going to happen this Sunday? Will it be believe in the Shield or Believe in Evolution?" Cole questioned.

Fans tweet:

'This Sunday Evolution will learn to #believeintheshield.'

'A clean sweep will come this Sunday, but my opinion Evolution and Summer will clench it #believeinevolution.'

I tweet: 'This Sunday is one of the most important matches the Shield has ever had. Losing is not an option #believeintheshield.'


We were just driving into Chicago. I caught the arena out of the corner of my eye.

"That's where the Shield will dominate tomorrow," I said.

Dean grabbed my hand, "I couldn't agree more."

"Ain't this cute," Seth said from the back.

"Did they have to come with us," I told Dean.

"Hey man, I didn't do anything," Roman said with a smile.

"Sorry Ro. Seth is just an idiot," I said.

"I thought I was a dork," Seth said.

"That too," I said nodding.

"So, what are we doing today?" Roman asked.

"Get ready for our match," Seth said, "My idea was to watch their matches all day."

I sighed, "Or we could actually do something fun."

"Hey, ma'am, this is a very important match," Seth reminded me.

"I know that," I said, "But I never counted on that type of stuff to win."

"I'm with Seth on this one," Roman said, "We need to come up with a game plan."

"Ok, you guys have fun with that," Dean said.

I smiled back at them, "Ha."

Seth shrugged, "I'll take the risk if you guys get some quality time," he winked at me.

"Ok," I said, "Lets drop these guys off."

After Dean and I were able to get rid of Seth and Roman, we started driving around trying to find something to do.

We finally decided to stop at a park. I lept out of the front seat in excitement. Dean grabbed my hand instantly as we started walking towards a river.

"Beautiful," I whispered.

The river led over to a forest. We started walking up a nearby trail.

I loved being in the woods. It helps you take your mind off all the stress in your life. It eases your mind. So calming.

I stopped at a big tree, "I want to climb it."

Dean chuckled, "Good luck with that."

"Ok," I started letting my fingers trail along the bark. I tried reaching my leg up to get on a branch, but it was a little bit to long.

"I think I'm stuck," I grunted.

Dean smirked at me as he walked over and tried to help me, but instead it made it worse. I yelped in surprise as I fell over, taking Dean with me.

I burst out laughing as Dean laughed beside me. I put my head on his shoulder.

"Dean," I said, "Can I ask you a question?"

Dean wrapped a arm around my neck, "Yeah."

"Ok," I took a deep breath, "If you could chose between me or your career which would you chose?"

Dean looked at me, "Where did that come from? Is something wrong?"

"No," I shook my head, looking away, "I was just wondering."

Dean pulled my head beside his, "To answer your question I would chose you."

I smiled lightly.

"Hey love, wrestling don't last forever, but we will."

I laid my head against his chest, "I love you, crazy."

"I love you too," he whispered as he wrapped me in his arms.


I rolled my suitcase behind me as I walked into the arena. I kept my eyes ahead of me as I made the trudge down to the Divas locker room.

As soon as I opened the door I first noticed nobody else was there. Good.

I put my bag down before sitting on the ground and sitting in the complete silence.

Why was I so nervous for this match? It was like it was Wrestlemania again.

Maybe the importance of this match made it nerve racking.

You're going to win, I thought, Nobody can beat the Shield.
This chapter was just one of these nice chapters I like to do before a pay per view :).

I can't believe the authority is back guys. But their is good news! Daniel is coming back! :D

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