Friday Night Smackdown:


Dean's music hit to start off Friday Night Smackdown.

"Oh great," JBL muttered.

Dean headed down to the ring.

"Well, on Monday night Raw, Triple H set up a beat the clock challenge, a series of matches in which the winner would pick the stipulation for Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins at Summerslam," Cole said, "Ambrose would end up winning, so now he gets to pick the stipulation for their match at Summerslam."

Dean grinned as he watched the replay.

"He owes me a new cowboy hat," JBL muttered.

Dean smiled at the crowd, "On Monday, the authority thought they held all the cards. They thought they had their little beat the clock challenge in the bag, they thought they had a full proof Plan B. But what the authority doesn't understand is, you can't plan for Dean Ambrose."

"And since I outsmarted the architect, I get to chose my stipulation for our match at Summerslam," he said, "And I've had a lot of time to think about this, so tell me what you think."

Dean opened up a piece of paper in his pocket, "I was thinking maybe JBL's cowboy hat on a pole match."

"Very funny," JBL muttered.

"Coal miners glove match," he said, "I looked into getting some alligators to surround the ring, but the legistics of that just didn't work out."

"Um... a sumo wrestling match, a boxing match..... we could skip the match and just fight in the parking lot, but we already did that, so..."

"Good house keeping match..." Dean paused, "We could have a loser washes Triple H's car match, but I'm pretty sure Seth Rollins already does that."

The crowd cheered him on.

"So that's off the table," Dean muttered.

Seth's theme came on.

"Thank god," JBL muttered.

Seth came out with a microphone, pretty much dragging me out with him.

"Alright Ambrose," Seth said, "Cut to the chase."

You Sold out chants started.

I smirked at Seth.

Seth ignored me, "When we were apart of the Shield, everyone knows that I was the brains of the operations, but even I must admit, that was pretty clever what you did last week."

"But it's been a long week," Seth said, "So lets cut to the chase."

"Well hold on," Dean said, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Money in the Bank!"

Seth rolled his eyes.

"Hey, that briefcase looks a little rough today," Dean said, "You might want to go get that for a buff and shine or something."

"Shut up!" Seth exclaimed.

"You want to know what your problem is," Seth said, "You like to think with your heart and not your brain and that's courageous, but it'll only get you so far and it sure as hell isn't going to beat me at Summerslam."

"If you were able to use your head as much as you use your heart, you would know it doesn't matter what stipulation you chose. The people are going to get to see me beat you for the low price of 9.99"

Dean nodded, smiling, "Is that what they're going to get? Or are they going to pay 9.99 to see you get me kicked out of the building again. Are they going to pay to see you run?"

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