John Cena's music hit just about as soon as Michael Cole's voice disappeared. Some fans around me exploded, well others starting booing. I decided to cheer for him, because he was Nikki's after all. He did his normal slide in the ring, before grabbing a microphone.

"It's early on the West Coast your all rowdy tonight," John said into the microphone, which got a response from the audience.

He spoke again, "I agree with all of you, I am absolutely disgusted about what happened last night at Summerslam," I literally got up and started cheering. Thank you!

"When I first became champion, the first thing I said was that the person that would win this title would earn it and Daniel Bryan earned it," he said, "I would like to take this moment to publicly thank Daniel Bryan for bringing out the best in him. To prove that a WWE superstar should not be judged by his race, color or beard, but by his commitment in this very ring.

"That's why I chose him as my opponent at Summerslam and that's why I wrestled at Summerslam, even though I was told time and time again not to. This is the first time I'm publicly saying this, but last night WWE medical...." He held up his arm, showing a baseball hanging off his elbow.


"Wwe medical said this was a result of a torn tricep," he continued, "They told me to go home and get surgery and they would cancel the WWE title match. I refused. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not using it as an excuse, last night I lost to a better man in Daniel Bryan.

"As I sat in the locker room, resting and having a steak over my eye...... Thank you Daniel very much.... Someone ran in and said, Did you see! Did you see! Triple H just handed the WWE championship to Randy Orton.... I was disgusted, I was offended and I was disgraced.

"So right now, For my surgery, I'm leaving the WWE," Cena replied.

The crowd erupted in cheers, which caused me to laugh.

"You all know I'm going to miss this. So for the next four to six months I leave you to try to get healthy again, but before I leave I want to do something

"I want to introduce to you a man that has earned my respect and more importantly, has earned the right to call himself champion. I give you... Daniel Bryan." He finished, before Daniel's music hit.

I started chanting yes along with the fans as he entered and started walking down the ramp.

"And Daniel's sister joins us tonight, to support her brother," Jerry Lawler said from the announcers table and I turned to see a camera pointing in my direction and I started chanting Yes into the camera.

Daniel walked over to me and gave me a hug before climbing into the ring and shaking hands with John. John gave his microphone to Daniel before leaving the ring.

Before Bryan could speak, music hit and Stephanie McMahon walked down to the ring. I started booing her loudly.

When she got in the ring, she told him, " I'm sorry, Daniel, I truly am sorry. I mean you had a clean, hard fought match. And you earned it, but please excuse me, my husband Triple H is the COO of the company and was only doing what was best for business."

Obviously she didn't know what was best for business.

Daniel chuckled, "Best for business," the crowd started chanting No, "obviously you have a different definition of what's best for business."

Daniel continued, "I mean, I would have expected this from you, I would have expected this from your father, but Triple H? He was a rebel, he was the leader of D Generation X, but now he's wearing a suit and has the corporate haircut..... But you know what they say. If you lay down with trash......." The audience ohhs, "you're going to start to stink."

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