Hell in a Cell:


It was different then the two other kisses we had shared in the past month. It felt....... real.

I was now sitting at catering by myself. I was able to shower and get out of my ring gear. Instead, I had changed into some black jeans, my black leather boots and a 'Unstable' shirt.

I had my title laid in front of me. Their was no way I was leaving it out of my sight.

"Hey, Gabby," I heard someone say behind me.

I blinked out of my trance and turned around to see Nikki standing there, Brie behind her.

"Hey...." I said, my brain blanking out completely to the fact as to why they were with each other again.

"Oh, did you hear," Nikki said, pointing back to Brie, "It looks like I have a personal assistant now."

"Oh..." I nodded, "That's..... cool."

"Brie," Nikki said, "Go grab me a smoothie, would ya?"

Brie gritted her teeth, "What do you want in it?"

"Oh, right," Nikki tapped her chin, "Three bananas, four blueberries and five strawberries."

Brie sighed and walked off.

I looked back at Nikki as she sat by me.

"Oh, look, Divas champion!" Nikki suddenly exclaimed, "Congrats, Gabby."

"Thank you," I said.

Nikki smiled, "You know, that title is going to be coming some place else soon," she said.

"Oh really?" I asked, "And where's that?"

"Right here," Nikki said pointing to herself.

I was about to say something, but Nikki interrupted me, "I'm just kidding," she said in amusement, "Gosh, don't take everything so serious,"

I looked at her doubtfully.

"Well, I better get going," Nikki said, "Tell Brie she can find me in the Divas locker room."

I watched her go.

Well, that was awkward.

I pulled my hair back as I looked back at the screen. They had just started playing Dean and Seth's promo.

I looked over and saw Brie walking over to me. She stopped by me, smoothie in hand.

"Where the hell did Nikki go?" she asked.

"To the locker room," I told her.

Brie sat by me and slammed the smoothie on the table.

"Hey, look at it this way," I said, spreading my arms out, "Only 29 days and 23 hours left!"

Brie glared at me.

"That was not funny at all," I said quickly.

Brie shook her head, "It's fine, whatever."

Brie turned her attention to my shirt, "Unstable?"

"I am a little unstable," I told her.

Brie laughed lightly, "I know it's Dean's shirt, I'm kidding."

I smiled at her, "By the way, you want me to tell you what happened after my match."

Brie leaned forward, "Yes."

"Ok," I said, "I was sitting by myself and Dean came over to me and we started talking about our relationship and stuff."

A wide smile appeared on her face, "What did he say!"

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