"Gabby!" Seth yelled in my ear.

"Get out of my face!" I yelled, covering my head with my pillow.

Seth laughed, "Get up then, don't be lazy."

I sighed and looked at him, then at the clock, "It's only eight, theirs still plenty of time until Smackdown."

"Yeah, the guys and I are going to the gym and thought you might want to come. Talk battle strategy for TLC," Seth said.

I wiped my eyes, "How did you get in here anyways?"

"I caught Eva as she walked out of here," Seth said.

Oh yeah, I was rooming with Eva. Apparently, JoJo had to go back to NXT and now Eva wanted to room with me. I guess it was fine by me.

I threw my blankets off, "Just my luck."

"Yeah, she told me to tell you that she was getting breakfast and would be back. Why would you care?"

"I don't know, I think she's trying to be nice to me."

"Anyways," Seth said, "Get up! Theirs no time to lose."

I got out of bed and grabbed my suitcase. I threw it on the bed and pulled out some workout clothes, "OK, let me get ready."

"When can we meet you in the lobby?"

"Probably thirty minutes, maybe more."

"Alright, see ya down their," Seth walked out.

I went into the bathroom and changed into black yoga pants, a Shield T Shirt and blue tennies. I put my hair up in a ponytail before walking back out.

"Hey, Hey," Eva walked in carrying bagels and coffee.

"Hello," I said as I threw my bag back in its normal place.

"I got you something, because I'm such a nice person," Eva handed me a bagel and a cup of coffee.

"My savior," I exclaimed, taking them from her.

I watched Eva above my coffee cup as she spoke, "Are you going to the gym or something?"

I brought the cup away from my lips, "Yeah, with the guys. They want to talk about TLC or something."

She nodded, "Could I come?"

"Umm..." I hesitated, "Yeah, I don't think they would care."

She nodded, "Great, I'm going to get ready," she walked into the bathroom.

I took a bite of the bagel, "Awesome," I muttered.

Eva returned and the two of us walked into the lobby. The guys were their already.

"Hello, my Gabs," Dean walked over and hugged me.

"Hi," I said as he released me.

"And you brought Eva.." Dean looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah..... Surprise!"

"Ok, lets go," Dean said.

We all headed down to the gym. I warmed up before going right to working my legs. It was a leg day for me.

"Hey, Gabby," Eva got some weights ready by me, "How's Dean?"

"Good from what I saw," I muttered as I slid a weight on.

"No, I wasn't talking about just him. I mean the two of you," Eva said.

"Well, we are currently not fighting," I tried to sound casual.

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