Monday Night Raw:


Seth, Randy and Kane were already waiting in the ring.

"Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and here is the main event for the evening," Cole said, "A six man tag team street fight."

John's theme came on, getting mixed reactions. John came walking out onto the stage.

John went running down the ring and slid in the ring. The three men got out of the ring.

"One of the greatest of all time, guys," Cole said.

My theme came on soon after.

"Here we go," JBL muttered.

"She's just coming out for a match," Cole said.

I came walking out, wearing red ripped jeans, a destroy the authority T Shirt that showed my belly and and black leather boots. I started jogging down the ramp.

"By the way, the T Shirt that Gabby is wearing is now available on," Jerry added.

"That's awful," JBL muttered.

I climbed up the stairs and got in the ring. I walked over to stand next to John.

Dean's music blared as he came walking onto the stage.

"And the lunatic fringe," Cole said as Dean narrowed his eyes at Seth.

Dean got in the ring next to us and started jogging in place.

"What a team that is," Jerry said.

Seth, Randy and Kane got in the ring and we immediately went after each other.

"And here we go!" JBL exclaimed as the bell rang.

Dean went after Seth as John went after Randy. That left me with Kane.

I ducked past his fist and started slamming my forearm into his back. Kane spun around and grabbed me by the neck and threw me on top of the turnbuckle.

I quickly kicked Kane in the face before getting on my feet. I jumped off the top rope and hit Kane with a missile drop kick.

Kane flew out of the ring as I did a Shawn Michaels kick up. I smiled as the crowd clapped for me.

I backed over to my corner and joined John on the apron as Dean stayed in the ring.

"Well it looks like Seth and Dean will be starting this thing," Cole said as they went right after each other, "And we are officially under way."

"You know, theirs no love loose inside the teams as well," JBL mentioned.

"Yeah, Seth and Randy have been at each others throats as of late," Cole said in agreement.

"John and Dean aren't exactly best friends either," JBL added.

Dean took control of Seth right off the bat. I watched closely.

"Ambrose wants to torture Rollins," Cole said.

"I don't blame him," Jerry said, "Rollins almost ended Ambrose's career."

Dean tossed Seth out of the ring before getting out himself. He tossed the lid off the announce table.

"We knew this would happen," Cole said.

As soon as I saw Randy and Kane go at Dean, I ran over with John on my heels. I jumped at the other two authority members.

"Gabby is a different kind of diva," Cole said, "I've never seen anyone like her."

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