I walked down the arena hallway. Everytime I passed a legend, my heart leaped, Damn this is cool. Tonight was Old School Raw. I was super excited to see all the legends.

I just about passed out when I saw Rowdy Piper talking with CM Punk. I saw Punk glance at me and smirk.

"You want that one on one match yet?" he asked.

"Not tonight," I answered.

"Hey, Gabby," Rowdy said, "Come over here for a second."

I sighed and walked over, keeping my distance.

"Now, I know you and your boys have Pipers Pit with me tonight," he said, then held his hand out, "Truce?"

I laughed, "You just want me to make sure the guys don't attack you."

"I wouldn't worry, I'll just get out there and help you kick the crap out of them," Punk assured.

"Whatever Punk, you and him couldn't take all four of us on," I rolled my eyes.

"I beat all four of you by myself at TLC."

Burn. I didn't say anything.

"Gabby," Piper said, "I can see that look in your eyes that say when you were younger, you were a die hard Piper fan."

He got me.

"So, I'm apart of the Shield. Plus, not even all four of us can fight."

Piper laughed, "You mean that Ambrose? Strange, isn't he."

"He's a lunatic," Punk muttered.

"Shake? One last chance."

"Fine," I shook his hand, "But that doesn't mean I'm on you guys side over the Shield."

I walked away. That was an interesting conversation. I was still shaking.

I reached the Divas locker room and walked in. I almost got tackled by Brie, "Have you seen him?"

"Who?" I pushed past her just so I could get in.

"Daniel," Brie said.

Oh yeah. Poor Daniel, "No, I haven't. He should be here tonight."

Brie sighed, "Hope so. Your parents were so worried."

"What did they have to say by the way?" I asked as I set my stuff down.

Brie shrugged, "We mostly just talked about Daniel. They told me the whole story of what happened between you and Andy."

"Yeah," I muttered, not knowing what else to say.

Brie patted my shoulder, "It's alright, I'm sure theirs that one guy out there that is perfect for you. Life is all about finding that special someone."

I laughed, "Yeah, that's the one goal in life."

Brie nodded, "Yeah, every girls dream is to get married and have kids..."

"And every guys dream is to bang a girl before they turn sixteen."

Brie started laughing, "Isn't that true, but really, what would you choose? Having kids and getting married to the man of your dreams or your career."

WWE or Dean hmmmm. I had gotten both, because of one terrible thing that had happened to me. I guess it proves that it always comes out good in the end.

I grinned, "Probably the man in black."

Brie raised an eyebrow, "Ok..."

"Brie!" Nikki rushed in the door, "Are you watching Raw?"

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