Monday Night Raw:


Raw had started. The explosions had been fired, and the commentators were speaking with excitement.

My theme came on and the crowd exploded in cheers.

"Oh no," JBL said.

I came walking onto the stage, causing the cheers to get even louder. I adjusted my leather jacket with a smile as I looked around the arena.

"She's back!" Booker exclaimed.

"Yeah, last week we would see the return of Gabby Bryan, but not in the way we expected," Cole said as they replayed what had happened.

When they were done, I had gotten in the ring. I walked over and retrieved a microphone before I returned to the center of the ring.

"Here we go again," JBL muttered as my theme killed.

The crowd immediately started chanting my name.

"Miss me?" I asked into the microphone.

The crowd cheered loudly as I laughed lightly into the microphone, "I missed you too."

"Now, everyone is probably wondering what I've been doing the past few months and more importantly, what the hell was I doing wearing a cat costume last week," I said, "But I have more important manners right now."

I turned to the stage, "So I know any minute the authority is going to come out here and do what they do, so I decided instead I'm going to make myself look tough," I said with a smile, "So I'm calling the entire authority out right now!"

"What!" Booker exclaimed.

"I knew she was stupid," JBL grumbled.

I waited a few seconds before returning my microphone to my mouth. "Come on, let's go! Get your a**es out here!"

I smiled when I heard Triple H's music hit. I backed off a little as I waited for them.

Triple H came walking out along with Stephanie. Big Show and Kane followed with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury.

"And here comes the authority!" JBL exclaimed, "Gabby better be prepared for a world of hurt."

I leaned my back against the ropes as the group entered the ring.

Their music quit. All of them were giving me a death glare.

Stephanie was about to speak, but Triple H stopped her, which was probably good because she looked ready to explode.

"Listen, Gabby," Triple H said, "I don't know what makes you think that you can just waltz back into the place without any contract or..."

"That's where your wrong," I said. I casually pulled a leather contract holder out of my jacket and opened it, revealing the contract inside, "Ta da."

"Where the hell did you get that?" Stephanie spat. Triple H put a calming hand on her shoulder.

"I actually got it from your dad," I said with a grin, "You see, your dad wanted to give divas a chance, so he decided to bring back one of your greatest divas on this roster back," I paused, "So you can go ahead and thank your daddy for what's about to come."

Stephanie shook her head, a sudden smile on her face, "I don't think so, because..... you're...... you're fired!"

I just continued smiling at her, "You can't fire me, Stephanie. Only your dad can do that, but I might as well save you from begging with your dad, because he's not going to be doing that anytime soon."

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