Wrestlemania 31:


The moment the four of us got backstage we were met with applause. A smile came on my face.

The first person that walked to me was Roman. I instantly gave him a hug. Memories of him flooded through my head. Ever since day one the one constant was that he would always be by my side. Even when I had made the worst decision of my life when I had joined the authority, he still never turned his back on me. I couldn't ask for a better friend than him.

"Great victory out there, baby girl," Roman whispered in my ear.

We broke apart. I watched him walk over to talk to Dean before turning my head back around to see Naomi and Nattie walk up to me.

"Nice job, Gabby," Nattie said as the two embraced me.

Nattie and Naomi. When I first came to WWE their were seven main girls that I was friends with and through it all they were the only two that never left my side. They were the sweetest people I had ever met. They were my girls.

"Thanks," I whispered, giving them both a nod.

Dolph walked up to me next. I was extremely happy to see him there as I was given another hug. Maybe Dolph hadn't always been my closest friend, but I always relied on him and he was always ready to fight along side me whenever I needed it.

I smiled at him as he gave me one last wink before walking off. I felt tears start to come to my eyes as emotions started to come over me.

"Gabby!" Paige ran over and lept in my arms for a hug. Emma instantly followed.

Paige and Emma had only become my friends recently, but their was something deep down inside me that had instantly gained their trust when they offered it. They were truthfully great friends.

AJ hung back as she watched Paige and Emma. When we had broken apart, AJ offered her hand towards me.

I hit it away. AJ gave me a shocked look, "What..."

I walked forward and gave her a hug. She may have been my enemy, but sometimes enemies made great friends.

AJ gave me a nod of respect as I turned around to see the Bellas waiting on us. The other three girls backed off.

"Gabby, I..." Nikki started.

"Save it, sis," I said with a smile of amusement. Nikki returned it.

Brie clapped, "Its about time."

"Yeah it is," Daniel said as he appeared behind the two. I gave my brother a quick hug. A better brother than I could have ever asked for.

Mom came over and said congrats. With Dad gone, she was all I had left.

Dad. I looked up to the ceiling.

"Yay, Gabby!" Charlotte cheered, "I knew you could do it!"

My best friend since high school. Who would know complete opposites could attract. But in the end maybe we were the same.

"Eww," Charlotte said, pointing to my face.

I laughed, "Yeah..... let me go wash this off."


I got showered and returned to catering. Dean was sitting by himself along with my mom, Charlotte and Zach. I walked straight over and sat next to Dean.

"Main Events next!" Charlotte cheered, "Ready to watch your second best friend win the WWE championship?" Charlotte asked me, putting a lot of emphasis on the word second.

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