Main Event:

The Funkadactyls music hit and Naomi led the way. Cameron, The Bellas, Natalya, Eva and JoJo followed her out with me taking the rear. I was wearing my normal Shield attire with the vest. I stood beside Brie on the stage as we all raised our hands up before walking to the ring. I tagged the fans hands before joining the Total Divas at ringside. Naomi got in the ring.

Tamina's music came on and she started walking to the ring, accompanied by Kaitlyn, Summer Rae, Layla, Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Rosa Mendas. AJ was limping down to the ring beside her.

"What happened to AJ?" I asked Brie.

Brie rolled her eyes, "Fake injury so she wouldn't have to face Naomi."

"I see," I muttered as I watched the other divas walk past us. I waved to them.

Tamina and Naomi circled as the bell rang, "Go Naomi!" all the divas cheered as I started watching the match closely.

The two locked up, but considering Tamina was stronger, she shoved Naomi away. Tamina grabbed Naomi and started slamming her knees into her gut. Naomi got shoved into the corner, but went to the apron. Tamina ran over to spear her. Naomi flipped over her into a sunset flip. Tamina kicked out at two. Naomi tried to take control, but instead Tamina hit her with a clothesline.

The match started going back and forth until Tamina clotheslined Naomi out of the ring. The divas on the otherside of the ring walked over to her, so I ran over to them, followed by the total divas.

The Divas started challenging each other, I really hope this breaks out in a fight, I thought, "Bring it!" I yelled at them.

Tamina got out of the ring and rolled Naomi back into the ring, "This isn't over," I told the other divas as I followed Brie back to our corner.

Tamina started taking control of Naomi's leg, "Come on, Naomi!" I yelled.

Tamina continued her destruction and I looked at the audience, "Naomi! Naomi!" I yelled as the crowd echoed me.

Naomi hit Tamina with a monkey flip before hitting her with a leg drop. Tamina threw Naomi towards the ropes, but Naomi slid out. All the divas started to brawl.

Finally, I thought as I slid in the ring and bounced off the ropes. I flew over the ropes and did a flip onto all the divas.

"Now all the divas are down!" Josh Matthews yelled.

"That's what I'm talking about!" I yelled at the fans.

I checked on the Total Divas on the ground as the other divas backed off. AJ was still standing near the announce table.

Naomi got in the ring and went for a crossbody. Tamina dodged away and nailed her with a super kick. She pinned her for the win.

Cameron and Nikki slid in the ring to check on Naomi. The other divas slid from the ring.

"This Sunday will be different," I yelled after them.

Friday Night Smackdown:


I was stretching in the locker room, getting ready for my match against Kaitlyn, Aksana and Alicia Fox. I was teaming up with JoJo and Eva Marie. I liked to call it the noobies vs the veterans. It would be tough, considering the two divas were unexperienced.

I was feeling care free tonight. The Shield weren't here, which meant I wouldn't have to manage them tonight. I would have to talk to them this Sunday for Survivor Series. It was one year since the Shield had come to WWE, so I was really hoping I could pick up a win this Sunday to represent them and hopefully they could do the same. I had been with The Shield with about a month now and I've got to say, it really wasn't that bad.

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