Then you meet: Leonardo

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Sitting on the edge of the roof of my apartment house in New York, I looked at all the cars that was driving by so fast that it was almost hard to see them. But as soon as the lights turned red, they all stopped like usual and let people walk to the other side. It wasn't really fun, but not really boring too.

After a slight sigh I looked up at the moon that was shining along with all of the stars up in the sky. No cloud could be seen, making it clear and really beautiful. But when I thought about it...the sky was awful.
Because there were plenty of stars, but only one and lonely moon. The thought made my smile fade away and a sad look on my face popped up.

 At night when the stars light up my room

 I sit by myself talking to the moon.

 Trying to get to you

 In hopes you're on the other side talking to me too.

 Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?

I slowly and quietly sang to myself. (The song is: Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars) I don't really know why that song, but I didn't stop. Instead, I sang it all the way to the end.

Suddenly I heard something metallic fall down right in front of me, making a lot noise that scared me out of my skin. I opened my eyes - that i didn't even notice were closed - and looked at what fell down. It took me around 2 seconds to realize what it was because it was so dark where I was. Slowly, I made my way towards it and picked it up my the handle.

"A...Katana?" I asked myself, knowing that I would not get a respond back.
Oh lord how wrong I was.

 "You're right, I was actually planing on getting it back." Someone said not too far behind me. I froze but still turned around. All i saw was a pair of blue eyes. They were beautiful but also scary because they were really high up. That meant that the person who owned them was really tall and could kill me in a blink of an eye.

"Will you give it back now?" The voice said again. I looked at it for a second before walking over and taking on the blade with my opposite hand, so that the person could take it by the handle. His eyes widened but didn't say a word because then se saw how I wanted to hand it too him. When he reached out to take it, I noticed that his hand was green and had only three fingers. This made my eyes widen even more than I thought was possible as I stared at it.

"Em...Will you...Please, step out in to the light..." I said quietly and backed away. He looked down for a moment before taking only one step out of the darkness. My jaw dropped as a stared at him up and down.

 "Don't catch flies" he said with a sligt smirk. As quickly as I could I placed my hand over my mouth. He laughed slightly and held out his hand.

 "Leonardo." He said.

 "(Y/N)..." I said and shook his hand, when we let go he ummidietly turned around and ran away.

 "We'll meet again some day!" I heard him shout back to me. I felt myself smile a bit before going back to my sitting spot and began to count all the blue cars.

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