You find something secret: Leonardo

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You knew exactly how much Leo likes Space Heroes. Bit he wasn't like one of the normal fan's. He only spoke about it and watched it. He didn't really have any poster's or figures of Captain Ryan or anyone.

Or so you thought.

While he was in the dojo training with Master Splinter, you were in his room relaxing a bit. It didn't take long for you to get cold. Leo told you where you could find all of the warm blankets and other stuff, so you didn't have to ask him about that. After you got up, you opened his closet and reached for one of the blankets at the very top. After grabbing the edge of it, you pulled it down. With it came another blue cloth. You looked at what fell down.

It looked like a Space Heroes hoodie. You smiled a huge smile and put the blanket back in it's place. Then you put on the hoodie. It was way too big for you, so it reached your knees and was a few inches longer than your fingers. You instantly felt a lot warmer.

Collapsing on his bed once again, you lifted up the History book once again and continued to read where you had stopped.

When Leo was done with his training, he walked heavily back in to his room. After he had collapsed on the bed, right next to your nose sleeping form, really realized that something was wrong. Looking up, he saw you in one of his secret hoodies. Those one's that he found in the trashcans, then washed and fixed up a bit. He was way to embarrassed to show it for his family, so he always kept them a secret. Until you found them.

He thought about waking you up and seing you if you could take it off, because it was really warm and you had clothes underneath. But you were sleeping so soundly and calmly that he would start crying if he woke you up.
So he didn't do anything. He just rolled his eyes and sighed, taking you in to his arms, waking you up.

"Sorry Leo, I took it because it looked to be warmer than the blanket" You suddenly mumbled, half awake. His only reaction was kissing your head and holding you tighter.

"It's okay, keep ot if you want. I think it looks cuter on you anyway." He explained while petting your head. You smiled and snuggled closer to him.

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