When you get embarrassed: Donnie

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Donnie's P.O.V

I was in my lab once again, working on a new invention. It wasn't anything special this time actually. I was just curious what more I could make out of military things. I had a dead kraang robot by my side, but I didn't feel like working on something I already knew wouldn't work.

I needed the brain to figure their mystery out

After not too long, I heard a song coming from my bedroom. It wasn't anything special, because while I invented something or just was in the lab (Y/N) always played some music to entertain herself.
This was a little bit different though. I didn't hear any signing, or any thumps from dancing this time. It got me curious.

I silently walked in to the room and creaked the door open, meeting none other than myself dancing in front of the mirror.

(Y/N) was standing by the mirror, wearing my gear and dancing a little bit wiredly.

Her hands was clenched in to fists, her arms mooved from front to back while her hips did the same but in the other direction. I was a little bit wirded out by the sight, since it got me thinking the wrong thoughts. Especially when I heard the text more clearly

Shut up, and sleep with me, c'mon why don't you sleep with me?

I love your body just as much as I love you mind

At this point I just had to ask her.

"Okay. What are tou doing?"

She gasped and turned around a little bit too quickly and falling in the process, blushing furiously the whole time. I chuckled and crossed my arms, started tapping my foot and waiting for an explanation.

"Well~? What's up with the dance?"

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