Powerlessness  ( Loki x Reader ) by PoeticMindsEye
Powerlessness ( Loki x Reader )by Lotus.
"You could destroy me, destroy Thor, my father; all of Asgard! With the snap of your fingers..... Yet you carry yourself, a fly with no wings. Why?" "Bec...
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  • wattys2018
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Camera Ready | B. Barnes  by -mxrlin
Camera Ready | B. Barnes by - `ˏ Chandler ˎˊ -
"She might not talk, but she can tell one hell of a story" Dia doesn't talk by choice, only a few people know why. She communicates by sign language and so he...
  • latina
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Mutant and Proud (Peter Parker x Reader) by lydiaofthefallen
Mutant and Proud (Peter Parker x Fallen Author
"(Y/n)," Professor X was the next person on the screen, "I believe I'm the last person to give my message. I've seen many minds, and many mutants in my ye...
  • mutant
  • wattys2018
  • suspense
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Child of Magneto | Quicksilver (X-MEN)  by Black_widow134
Child of Magneto | Quicksilver ( Black_widow134
[Undergoing editing] ⟴ "You have to tell him..." "I'm.... I'm your.... I'm here for my family too." "We are the kids they warne...
  • jeangrey
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Faulty Code ⊗ Loki by Sierra_Laufeyson
Faulty Code ⊗ Lokiby S. R.
"The truth is, every monster you have met or will ever meet, was once a human being with a soul that was as soft as light and silk. Someone stole that silk from the...
  • romance
  • mutant
  • magic
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ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction) by liviaalvina
ARCHANGEL (Marvel Fanfiction)by liviaalvina
Elizabeth Pearce is a mutant experimented by Hydra 50 years ago. The experiment caused her to grow wings, aged much slower than normal humans, and have energy manipulati...
  • tomhiddleston
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  • love
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1 | Dexter ▷ Scott Summers | ✓ by spiderlad
1 | Dexter ▷ Scott Summers | ✓by ✧*ೃ༄ тιѕнα
❝I shoot concussive beams from my eyes.❞ ❝My hair turns into a candle, you're not that special.❞ [Post X-Men Apocalypse] [Scott Summers] [#94 in Fanficti...
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Talizman by insaneredhead
Talizmanby insaneredhead
Kit is the daughter of Charles Xavier, and whilst her father doesn't know of her existance, SHIELD does. Since she was 5 years old she has been held and protected by SHI...
  • fury
  • tonystark
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Midnight's Gods (Loki x Mutant OFC x Thor) by insaneredhead
Midnight's Gods (Loki x Mutant insaneredhead
Violet Shaw has a long bloody and violent history within the world of mutants and humans. She's suffered long and hard because of both of them, but now she is back in th...
  • cagedmutant
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Thorn • Scott Summers by nietzschesandcream
Thorn • Scott Summersby rooney
"I almost killed a guy and destroyed the ceiling in my school bathroom once." "I punched a boy in the face when I was eight because he was talking to me...
  • xmen
  • x-men
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The Silence || BTS ff by Babysucian
The Silence || BTS ffby Babysucian
Things are all well and good for BTS and rest of the Korea until a deadly Virus is broken out in a research center of Seoul and it a city considered as the city of dream...
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • bts
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Loud Ops: overdrive 2025 by omegacrow
Loud Ops: overdrive 2025by omegacrow
(another NSL fanfic) Takes place in the middle of the night as lincoln was walking through the streets of royal woods as he was kicked out of his own home by his family...
  • lynnloud
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STAY WITH ME ▹ ANDY STRUCKER [ v a r i s a r a
  • mutant
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Warp (Repost) by insaneredhead
Warp (Repost)by insaneredhead
Warp is a portal generator who's lived on the streets since she was ten. Now 19 she is called upon to help protect the world from an invading God. Starts in Avengers, g...
  • blink
  • captainamerica
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I'm in Love With My Basketball Coach by AnyFandomBooks
I'm in Love With My Basketball AnyFandomBooks
Raphael is on the basketball team at his high school as a senior. His coach is a very charming man who looks like he's nineteen, but is actually twenty six. Raphael has...
  • tmnt2012
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Radioactive Apocalypse by goldenscares666
Radioactive Apocalypseby Golden
My family is gone thanks to a radioactive mishap. Many people have either died or became horrible monsters. Some other survivors have found me. One of them is more inter...
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TMNT Boyfriend scenarios by Snicker143
TMNT Boyfriend scenariosby Dutchezz
Mutliple scenarios of what you and your turtle hero ninja hubby could do
  • raph
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Remember. [TMNT 2012] by sweaterkitty
Remember. [TMNT 2012]by Mawma Kitty
[Book 1 of the Coldblooded Compassion series] "Game on." She didn't ask for this. She didn't want to be pulled into the cruel, evil shadows of the world...
  • donnie
  • mikey
  • comedy
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Loki's Pet Avenger by jenna_hates_you
Loki's Pet Avengerby Jenna
Loki x reader As an agent working for SHIELD I were prepared for anything. Except when Fury sent me on a mission to trick the God of mischief himself. Excerpt: He supr...
  • reader
  • lemon
  • lokixreader
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His Daughter (Wolverine Story) by LotsLove2z
His Daughter (Wolverine Story)by LL2z
Kristine has lived a normal life so far, she does everything a normal teen does. Of course she knows she's not like other kids, everyone is special in some way. But when...
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