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After you've finally managed to catch (T/N), you made him sprit out all of his feelings and made him promise to be completely honest with you from now on...

Moths later you and (T/N) have completely forgotten about what happened. You have been living happier than those princesses and princes in Disney movies. Nothing could go wrong.

Or so you thought

After (T/N) had returned with his brothers from a succeeded mission once again, he smiled widely and gave you a big and tight hug. That's when you first noticed that something was wrong with you. A sudden nausea came over you and you almost jumped out of his arms. That made him confused but he didn't question it.

During dinner though, you didn't eat anything. Your parent's were also confused, but they didn't ask you. You had those day's when you wanted to eat and when you stayed away from food. It was your favorite meal though, so you should eat. Your stomach didn't feel right though. No, not only your stomach. You, weren't feeling well.

After drinking up the water that your mother put in front of you, you went in to your room and layed on your bed. Instantly, a message from (T/N) popped up on your phone. You looked at it for a while.

(T/N): Are you okay?

Of course you were okay. You just had a stomach ache that's all. Yeah...a stomach ache. But how could a stomach ache lead to dizziness and nausea? And it's started not too long ago too.

You: I am fine.
I am dying
That's how you actually felt. But you didn't want to tell him that.

Before you could write anything more, a knock on your window could be heard. You knew who it was and motioned fro him to come in so that he wouldn't have to stand outside in the cold. he did and umidietly layed down on the med next to you. Just because he had to, he asked you how you felt once again.
You replied with a - unbelievable - "I'm okay" and looked at the ceiling. He looked at you for a moment before following your eyes and looked at the ceiling with you. Silence was propably noisy itself at the moment. And the sharp pain in your stomach that made you yelp didn't really help. (T/N) looked over at you with absolutely panicked eyes. You stared back with the same panic and pain.

Some moments past, and realization fell upon you both about your situation. You didn't have something as simple as a stomach ache at all. You didn't even have something similar.

Silence filled the room once again, this time, the silence was absolutely horrific to you. You just waited for (T/N) to say something. He never did though.
God! Say something! Anything!
In the end he did, but not what you were hoping for.

"(Y/N)...are you...pregnant?"

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