When you meet again: Leonardo

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(N/S/N) = Neighbour's sun name

As the sunset wind gently blow through your (H/C) hair, you closed your eyes, enjoying the cold wind the blow past you but only got warm thanks to the sun that warms your face up. It was so peaceful and quiet today in the rooftops, almost making you tired and ready to fall asleep.

But as the sun finally got down, the sky became a romantic blue-violet color. No stars could be seen yet, but you didn't mind that. The streets were still quiet even though there was a lot of people walking from somewhere or to somewhere. As you laid your head back so that the wall could support it you felt a slight tugging on your right arm of the jacket. You opened one eye to see your neighbour's son, (N/S/N).
"Hi (Y/N)..." He said in a quiet, yet happy tone.
"Why hello there. Why are you up here?" I said and changed my sitting position so that i was sitting on my knees.
"I was wondering if you would like to play 'follow the leader'. My mom wanted me to get out and get some fresh air since i was inside playing video games the whole day. But i was lonely so i went up to the roof tops, that's when i was you." He explained and looked down at his hands. How could i say 'no' to such a shy, kind and adorable little boy?

"Of course I want to play with you!" I said and got up. He smiled like an idiot and took my hand, Already dragging me somewhere. In Followed him around for a while Until We got in to an unknown street. It was a lot of people here and (N / S / N) Seemed familliar with everything, but I felt lost. Suddenly I felt like I was being watched.

"Em ... Where are we going?" In asked, pretending to sound intrested and curius.

"Follow the Leader" (N / S / N) said happily. Just like a 5 year old child would do. I just folowed him, ignoring the eyes burnig in to my back. Suddenly We came across an ice cream shop and That caught (N / S / N's) attencion. He turned to me, giving me 'can you buy it?' look. In roled my eyes and got inside the while pulling out my wallet. He ran around a bit, having a hard time Deciding Before He pointed to a picture of a huge blueberry ice cream.

"Are you sure you can eat it?" I asked while looking at the picture. He nodded very fastly and pointed at it again. I sighed and walked over to order it. When I was done I Took A Small Bluespoon to The Ice Cream and handed it to him. He jumped once before walking out with me folowing him.

We walked around for a while before he suddenly almost fell down. I caught him and asked what was wrong. The only answer I got was a yawn, wich made it pretty obvius That he was tired. I sighed again with a smile on my oips and picked him up. He hugged me around my neck with his hand while his small feet was close to my waist. At That Point in started wondering how to get back. Walking around a bit in started to think That it was useless down here. So in Carefully climbed up to the roof tops and looked around. After one minute i saw a few familliar roofs and started walking twoards them... until

"You're walking in to the wrong direction." Someone said behind me.I quickly turned around and saw the same turtle from a few days ago.
"How do you know i'm walking the wrong way?" I said a bit curius.
"Because i know from what roof you came from. And it wasn't that one" he said and pointed and the roof i was about to go to. "It was that one" he continued and pointed at another roof that was a few meters to the left. I blushed and thanked him.
"I'll walk you back." he offered, i just gladly thanked him and started walking with him. When we were finally there i jumped down to the balcony that belonged to his parents and from there made my way downwards. Walking in to the apartment building, i met his parents that had worry all over their faces. As soon as they saw me and their son, the father picked him up from my arms while the mother stanked me and gave me a hug.
"Oh no, it's nothing, really." I said, they thanked me again, we said our goodbyes and separated. As soon as i closed the door i made my way up to my roof the same way i went down from it. I actually expected leo to be gone, but no. He was still there, leaning to the wall with his arms crossed.
"You're very kind for being just a neighbour" he said with amusement in his tone.
"Actually, i'm not that kind. I just like the kid and know his parents very well too. If that was a kid i barely knew i would not play" I said and sat down on the endge of the roof. Leo came and sat down next to me. it was akward at first but as soon as we started talking it felt like we've know each other for years. it was easy to talk to him, and he also made some funny comments on some of my stories that made me almost cry.

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