You understand his feelings: Donatello

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After getting the highest grade in a math test, you couldn't help but jump up and down from happiness.
Even though you were in the middle on New York City, and people could stare at you, you didn't care.
Suddenly, you heard something strange. It sounded like, guns shooting at something.
You followed the sound you saw Donnie fight with a bunch of robots. You wanted to help him so badly, but you couldn't fight like that so the robots would kill you easily.
But in the end, you couldn't stand watching as he fought for his life. You looked around, trying to finds something to be able to fight back with. But you didn't find anything else than an old baseball bat. Even though it was dirty and smelled old, you picked it up and ran to the crowd. Surprisingly, no one noticed you until you swung the bat and knocked down 3 of the robots, breaking them in to tiny pieces.

After that a few robots stopped attacking Don and turned to you. But every time you took them down easily.
When every robot was destroyed, you threw the bat away and looked at Don with a smile. He smiled back before pulling you in a hug. You hugged back, but then started to feel his hand moving on your back, making circles motions.
You turned your head to face him without pulling away, and realized that he had a slight blush on his cheeks.
Pulling away from him, you began to wipe some dirt of his cheeks with your fingers. He only looked at you as you did so, but you didn't mind. You actually found it cute, how focused he was on your face and trying not to tense up every time yiu whiped blood of the cuts that covered his collar bone.

In the end, you had to take him to your place to clean him up. But on your way there, you swore that you felt his hand touch your, trying to hold it...

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