(Bonus Chapter) Text messages

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(T/N) = Turtle name

Hello to all of you. This is a bonus chapter and I don't really know how it will turn out so if it suks then feel free to blame me.


The turtles

Texting was something that you and (T/N) usually did once or twice a day. It could be about anything. Games,school, TV, you name it. And since you were texting about two or three hours a day, some text's was so funny that both of you started to laugh at it while checking them over and over on your phones. And they would be just as funny from day to day. This is one of those day's.

You: By the way! I saw you on TV today.
It took him a while to respond because it must've sensed REALLY bad for him.

(T/N): Every body is ready. We have our weapons plus backup. Now, tell us on what chanel you saw us and we might be able to delete that broadcast before anyone can get to know more things about us.
Was his response. You looked at the screen like a total idiot before bursting out laughing and hitting your forehead with your hand.
In other words, you face-palmed.

You:Relax ninja, I was just watching TV with my mom when Animal Planet came up and started talking about Turtles.
You could almost hear the air he let out in relief on the other line. Just by thinking about that made you giggle.

(T/N): Holy Mona Lisa...you almost scared me out of my shell!!!
He then responded, making you fall out of your bed that you were sitting in. Then you came and think about something that you heard on the TV and after gathering up enough courage, you finally decided to ask.

You:Is your nuts really in your tail?


Casey was sick today, leaving you alone in school. You didn't have a problem woth that, you just felt Lind of lonely now that he wasn't behind you all the time or holding your waist on the way home. To pass some time in a boring class, you decided to text him.

You: How are you?

Casey: I'm fine now that I can text you. I Love you with all my heart.
You smiled at it and replied fast.

You: Thank you. I love you to but I love you with all my butt...

Casey: Okay? LOL!

You: My butt is bigger than my heart and I know that you have a picture of it on the contact information.

Casey: Well this is awkward.


Today you was the one that needed to work extra, and that madw Tigerclaw feel lonely.


Tigerclaw: How long are you going to be there? I'm bored here.

You: Not too long I promise. Just 20 minutes left. Do what you usually do while waiting for me, okay?

Tigerclaw: So you just want me to go through your clothes again? If you do then sure! I'll gladly try on your thongs again!
You stared at the screen with wide eyes, fave slowly heating up and images popping up in your head. And not normal pictures too.

You: Tigerclaw? You there?

You wrote after 10 minutes of trying to contact him.

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