When you meet his family: Donnie

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"You're right, we are being watched."

Her face became even more worried.
I regretted it all right away. I should have just told her that it was her imagination or something. But no, look, I made her so scared that I can feel her shake in my arms.

I sighed and motioned for my family to come over. They all did, but Master Splinter was no where to be seen. I started looking around, before looking back at (Y/N), seeing Sensei right behind her. She didn't notice it until she followed my gaze and looked at Sensei. He looked down at her with curiosity. She just stared at him with disbelief. Everybody was silent, everything was silent...and awkward for some reason. Maybe because I could hear (Y/N's) heartbeat. Master Splinter must have heard it too.

"Don't worry. I mean no harm." He said and placed a hand on her shoulder. She didn't relax ummidietly, but at least she did. I felt myself relax as well.

I introduced her to my family and let her get used to them a bit. They all seemed to be pretty interested in her, Sensei the most of them all. After all, she is that special person that now is owning my heart.

They all ask her questions. Some of them come right out of the blue. Like:

What's your favorite color?

Who's your favorite artist?

What's your hobby?

Most of the questions came from Mikey (of course), so she gladly answered them. The others (even Master Splinter) was asking her another kind of questions. Like:

How did you meet?

The conversation went on and on. It became more fun with each second. (Y/N) already became a really good friend with Mikey. He couldn't stop hugging her and tell her how cute she was. Honestly, I expected myself to feel jealous, but nothing came out of me. Just a kind smile and a raised eyebrow was visible on my face.

Leo was about to ask her another question when we all suddenly heard her mom shout her name. She got up, waved a Good Bye to my family, kissed my cheek and jumped down on to the fire escape. I felt my face get heated as everyone's eyes were up on me.

"So~" Raph began. I looked over to him before being tackled by him and all of my brothers with a HUGE hug.

"From now on we'll call you Loverboy!" Raph finished. They all laughed and squeezed me harder. I looked over at Sensei, giving him a look that said, help me. But he only smiled and began to play with his mustache a bit.

"Hmm....Loverboy. I like it."

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