First Kiss: Michaelangelo

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Mikey was at your house for a movie night. It was a scary movie going on the TV, so most of the time you hid in Mikey's chest or hugged his arm. He always patted you on your head gently and told you when it was okay to look back at the screen. And you really appreciated that.

But like always, he had to go home. Not without giving you a good bye hug though. But, you wanted to try something new. You wanted to kiss him. You wanted it so badly, but you were too shy and didn't know if you had the courage to.

"What's wrong cupcake?" He asked you suddenly. Worry all over his face. You just shook your head and said that you were okay. He smiled and was about to jump out of the window, when he suddenly turned around and grabbed your shoulders. With ought a warning, he peeked your lips and turned around. But before he could leave, you took his hand.

"No. Please, not yet." You said. He turned around and looked down at you.
"Mikey. It's cold here...One more?" You asked him. A clear blush over your cheeks. He smiled that kind smile and leaned down again. The kiss was lo get this time. We he pulled away, he didn't lean away from your face.

"One more." You whispered. He kissed you again and pulled away again. This time, he only pulled your lips apart. Your faces was still pressed together.
Standing up on your tippy toes, you whispered again:

"One more."

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