He want to be with you: Donnie

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Donnie's P.O.V

While I was working in my lab, I focused as hard as I could on my work. Or at least I tried to, because pictures of (Y/N) came up in my mind all the time. Man she was beautiful...and April is nothing compared to her.

In the end, I stopped working on my project and went to (Y/N's) house. As soon as I got there, I found her sleeping at her desk with a pen in her hand. It looked like she fell asleep while studying or something. Without waking her up, I opened her Window and stepped inside and started to make her bed ready for her to lay and sleep in.

As soon as I was done I picked her nyp bridal style and placed her in her bed. Then, I look en over at her home work. It looked like she was doing some math before I got here. And also, I could easily tell that she was working hard on it. Looking at these problems, some of them was really difficult actually.

With ought thinking, I sat down and tried so solve some of the most difficult one's. But honestly, they were a whole challenge...no one that I tried to solve was right. I had no idea what was wrong. But I didn't want to give up on them, not at all. I took out my shell phone and took a picture of those that I couldn't solve. Turned the lights off and went home.

...but I never realized that that I forgot to close the window, leaving it there like a proof that I was in (Y/N's) room...

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