Sneaky picture girl: Tigerclaw

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After the bubble bath, both you and Tigerclaw got out hungry. Being the gentleman he is, he offered to make dinner and insisted that you didn't have to help. You smiled at that and sat on a chair by the table, right next to him. You had your phone in your hands, looking through some E-mails that you couldn't check while you were at work.

When you wanted to note something, you accidentally pressed the wrong button and opened the camera instead. You groaned slightly at it before an idea popped in your head.

Take a picture of his profile

You silently lifted up the camera and pushed the button woth the little camera on. After that, you looked at the picture and smiled to yourself.

Tigerclaw was standing straight, but with his head slightly down to look at the salad that he was cutting. He didn't have an apron on like most people do when they cook, but he doesn't need that. A few other vegetables were next to the board and a frying pan with meat, sauce and other stuff were next to him and looked just as good in the picture as in reality. Some spices were also visible on the shelves in front og his head. Towels and other shelves were visible in the background, and a qindow too that showed the famous statue of the lady of freedom. (I don't know what she's called in English, but hopefully you'll understand what I mean).

After putting your phone back in to your pocket, you leaned down to rest your shoulders and head a bit. That made Tigerclaw look over at you for a moment and smile.

"Soon done honey." He said and turned back. You smiled and looked up at him.

" I didn't ask" You said. That made him chuckle a bit.

What a man. You've never dated anyone as handsome and caring as he. And he knows how to cook, that's a bonus. It may be a women's job to cook and clean, but sometimes they needed a break from it. Every guy you've ever dated had always done nothing but showing you how good actors they are and earing your food. So having someone who could do something for you once in a while was wonderful.

You've told Tigerclaw that too, and then apologized for not knowing what to do to make gimme happy. You've gone that more than once too. But every time you did that, he would always say that your love and company was enough. You didn't know how badly hurt he is on his job, so you didn't understand what he meant. You never questioned it though.

What a man

My man

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