When he sees you at work: Tigerclaw

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Car and motorcycle designer.

That's your job, that what you did day and half of the night. You were sitting by the computer, and used a special program to draw and design cars and pieces. It wasn't just to draw a Volvo woth a special color. No, you were working with designing new models of cars. It was sometimes challenging, but fun anyway, especially since you got a lot of money for it every time you made up a model that people liked. One of your designs were actually out right now and seing one of those cars made you really proud of yourself.

Tigerclaw's P.O.V

I was walking around on the rooftops, looking for someone that I could bring to Shredder so that he would finally stop complaining about the other's being totally useless. Not that this would help, but at least he would stop complain for a while.

I walked until I saw (Y/N) sitting by a computer in a huge and clean office. She had a big table with tons, tons and tons of paper in the middle of the room. I could barely see a sketch of a wheel or something. On one side of that table was the door, and on the other side qas the smaller table with her computer. Next to the table's, was drawers with small paper notes on them. Each of them said different things and they all had different sizes. Those right by her was smaller and had stuff like 'pens' and 'highlighters' written on them. While those close to the door haw bigger, much bigger and had 'print-paper', 'A2-paper' and 'A1-paper'. A printer with a scanner stood on the corner and wasn't one of those one's that usually was used in school's or other offices. Not, this one was a big ass printer!!!

After a while, she got up from her computer that had three screens and went over to the big table, taking some papers with her. I followed her with my eyes and noticed what she was dressed in.

All black. A black blouse with a white tie, a black skirt, black leggings and black pumps with red underneath. Those expensive one's that can literally cost up to 2000$ for one pair of shoes.

After highlight something on one of the papers of the table, she picked it up and placed in on the big ass printer and scanned it. Later, she put it in one of the drawers and sat down by the computer again. She had one coffee mug by her, so once in a while she picked it up and sipped some pf the coffee/tea/whatever.

After watching her for a while, I smiled to myself and walked away, going back to the reason why I was out here.

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