Lemon: Raph

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Moans was the only thing that could be heard in the room. The empty and abandoned lair had the silence that was almost loud itself no matter how much it got broken by moans. Raph's family were out at April's house, spending the cold night there. Master Splinter wanted to se how April lived so she gladly invited him too. Raph said that he had something he needed to do first, and that's when you came by and made him completely forget what he wanted to do. He had even spent a few minutes thinking about it but still could not figure out what it was.

Poor him. What if it was something inportant?

You had even offered to help but he said that he didn't need it. The boredoom that had filled you both made you feel lustful and that's what brings us to this part. This is how you ended up in a corner of his room, kissing each other passionately and wildly. By starting on the lips, you moved from there to the neck, collarbone, and shoulder. Raph had even licked and sucked a bit on your fingers, not even knowing how nice that really felt to you.

Your shirt didn't have to wait long before ending up on the floor, right by his belt and knee bads that he had removed because they felt a bit unconfortable in this situation. His elbows were free from the same pads as well and the bangades on his hands were ripped in to pieaces because they would take too long to untie. Your hair was a total mess, but he liked it like that - messy - and constantly slid his fingers through your hair, massaging your scalp and making you moan in pleasure.

His hands slowly slid up your back sexually, and played with your bra a bit while looking down at you – stuck in the corner of his room with nowhere to hide. The smirk that was almost sewn in to his face made you blush and look down at the floor. He liked to se you like that and to make you even more embarrased, he leaned down to your shoulder and bit the bra strap with his teeth, sliding if off while clicking the entire bra off. By doing that he had a perfect view of your now exposed chest.

Without a secong thought, he put your nipple in to his mouth and bit down on it. It was pleasuring, yet painful and made you moan and press yourlsef closer to the wall. He began sucking and teasing it with his mouth, while the other one was being played by his free hand. You've never felt so good before. Ever. You thought that this day would never come. You always thought that it would be miles away from you, and end up even furter away from you if you did as much as blink. Yet here it was.

The day came

A new wave of pleasure hit you, and that's when you realized that Raph had moved on to the second breast. His other hand wasn't playing with your chest anymore though, it was right by your pubic area, rubbing it with his thumb while the rest of his hand squeezed your inner thigh pervertedly. You couldn't take it even more. You couldn't hold in any more embarrasing moans.

"Don't hold them in, i want to hear." Raph used to say to you after he had noticed you trying to be quet. You never litsened to him though – before now. Now that the pleasure was too much to not be expressed and heard clearly.

A short moan with a gasp at the end was what came out. And only because Raph had unzpped your pants, pulled down your panties and was entering you with his thumb, thrusting in and out once in a while. By now your palm were speating, one of your hands were on his neck, while the other one was at the back of his head, pressing his face closer to you.

After even more minutes of heasing, you could not take it even more. You used all of the streinghr you had left and pushed him away from you. The surprise made him almost unaware of your next actions – which was jumping on top of him so that he was laying down on the floor underleath you. With wide eyes, he just let you pleasure him as well by sucking and biting on his neck, trying to find a sensetive spot. Once you've found it however, you bit down on it and made him moan out lodly.

You moved around a lot on him, while he did the same misstake as you did and held in moans. Now it was your time to order him around.

"Don't hold them in. I want to hear them" You whispered seducevely in his ear and started to rub your knee on the spot where his member was hiding. Still by his ear, you litsened at the moan he let out and memorized it.

He then suddenly snapped and rolled around, so that he was on top of you and took it out from underneath his shell. You gasped at his size, but what should you even expect? He was a mutant for heavens sake!

He positioned himslef right by your entance, looking at you for a while – asking for permission. You hesitated a bit, looking at it and wondering if that would even fit. He snesed your fear, his eyes softened, and leaned down closer to you, hugging you around your shoulders with an arm.

"Don't worry....I promice to protect you from harm" He promiced and once again made eyecontact with you. You nodded and felt a sharp pain in your lower body. All of it coming from him. You didn't get it - he promiced too keep you from harm just now, but he was the harm to you. A single tear escaped your eye which he wiped away and stood still to let you get used to his size.

When the pain was gone, you nodded and told him to start moving. He started out slow, but then went faster and faster until he was thrusting in and out of you with an inhuman speed.

'Mutant speed' was what you called it inside your head.

A while later, you felt something in your stomach. Okay, you felt a lot in your stomach at the moment, one of those things was his member if it was fully in. But then there was also this wired – yet pleasuring feeling that you just couldn't discribe.

"I feel it. Don't hold it in, baby." Raph groaned out inbetween thrusts. You relaxed and let it all out. You came in other words. So did he but he made sure to get out before that happened. No surprised was wanted at this point. You both moaned at the same time as you came. Raph closed his eyes and fell down – stomach down - on the floor right by you from exhaustion. You smiled at his face that was baing pressed against the floor. He must've sensed you looking at him, because he opened one of his eyes and smiled weakly and tiredly at you. You looked just as tired as him, but still managed to move your hand to hold his.

Just as your touched his hand, he opened it a bit to let your hand get inside his. As soon as it was under his, he locked them together and relaxed – making both his and your hand fall down and rest. 

After he had gathered enough energy, he began to sing a song dor you, the same song he sung while returning from training. The very same song that turned you on and made you lustful for the first time.

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more

Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did.

Touch my body
I'll let you wrap your thighs
All around my waist
Just a little taste

Touch my body
Know you love my curves
Come on and give me what I deserve
And touch my body~

(Do you remember that chapter? - Sakura)

After he was finished, he squeezed your hand a bit. You looked at it for a while, admiring the perfect picture in front of you. Your hands may be different – his huge and your small – but they could still hold each other without any problems.

You just have to give them a chance too

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