When he sees you naked: Casey

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Casey's P.O.V

Right before lunch, I had a PE class. Today we had to get out for a fun. I was used to running, especially since Raph had made me run a lot of times. It was either after him or away from him.
(Y/N) was used to running as well. She was running with the teacher at the very front because she had to discuss some things. I didn't really care about what, I was too busy staring at her butt as she ran.

Those tight gym leggings weren't hard to miss.

"Hey, look. I've found this hole that leads in to the girls room!" A guy in my class almost squeaked at the sight of a hole in the corner of the shower. I turned my head twoards him with a confused expression, that later turned in to a smirk at the sight of a hole. Before anyone else could, I peeked through it and looked at the glory on the other sight. Well, almost.

The girls were changing, fixing their hair, putting on make up and stuff like that. Most guys liked one of them, but I thought that they all were way too much. One of them was standing in the corner, putting on thongs that looked to be way to small. Others were already putting on make up and perfume that I could smell even from here.

God, it was horrible.

But in the very back, there she was. My little flower of perfection.


She wasn't wearing any clothes or make up, but she didn't need to. I found her beautiful anyway. Her body had those perfect curves that I loved to hug so much. Her waist was smaller than I thought actually, the same goes with her chest. Her hair was all wet and tangled from the shower, but she had put it to the side and was now brushing the edges of it. Her entire body was perfectly clean from scars and bruises, making some of the other girls look like moldy bread.

Well, in my eyes.

Before I could take a closer look, the other guys pushed me away and began to look through the hole as well. Some commented and others just watched quietly. I didn't mind at all, until one of the layed their eyes on (Y/N)


How dared he?!

With a sharp turn, I grabbed the guy's shoulder and made him look me in the eyes. My eyes were glowing, and didn't show any emotions except pure madness. He must've seen how serius I was and backed away when the others touched his arms to make him stay away from me. Only a few of the guys knew about (Y/N) being my girlfriend, and they made sure to tell him that.

He apologized to me a few times while I stood in front of him, glaring at him evily, making him become smaller and smaller. He then backed away and almost ran out of the room out of fear.

When I was done, I waited for (Y/N) outside of the girl's changing room. It didn't take her long to cone out, since she didn't cover her face with makeup and didn't really use perfume.

As soon as she saw me, she greeted me with a smile and took my hand. I was still mad, but didn't really want to show it.
She would just get worried.

I squeezed her hand back and hugged her around her waist.


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