When you're embarrassed: Tigerclaw

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Hi there. Since I'm writing chapters about when you get embarrassed. I will make this a little bit fair and show you something that I think is embarrassing.

This picture is of me as 9 years yung when we were in Italy for vacation. My mom took this picture woth her brand new phone, which ended up being the first picture on her entire phone.
I have literally no idea of what I was doing, and my parents don't remember it either, so my pose and absolutely everything is a mystery.


Tigerclaw had warned you about your job not being safe enough for you to work there. But being you, you didn't litsen to him and continued working at the car and motorcycle design company. He said that one of your colleagues were acting a bit off, especially around you.

This led to him watching over you like a total creep. Controlling your every move and calling you every time you would enter a room with closed windows so that he could no longer hear you and the others. Many people were complaining that it was way too cold inside too. So more and more windows got closed while your phone informed you of new calls and messages every 10 seconds.

After the very last call, you finally got enough and decided to tell him exactly how you felt about him calling you like a maniac. Sure, it was only because he was worried and cared about your safety, but he was crossing the line.
The familiar signal went off, letting you know that no other than Tigerclaw was calling. You took a deep breath and answered the call with some serius words.

"Hello there. I'm sorry but I can't talk to you right now. You have called me way too much these past few hours and I've finally got enough! I'm turning my phone off so that I can cool off from you constant rigging and messaging!!!Have a good night and I'll see you at home honey!!!!"

The look on Tigerclaw's face made it pretty clear that he didn't really expect that. Before you got a chance to cut off the line, he spoke up.

"What do you mean? I've only sent you two text messages"

Those words made you freeze and stare at him with unblinking eyes.

"Wait...that wasn't you?"


From behind you, you could hear a 'pst' sound, making you turn around.

There, in the doorway was all of your colleagues and even the boss of the entire company. All of them were looking up and down at you with their phones in their hands. Panic clear on their face. Especially the girl's faces.

"What?" Was the only word that could come out of you as you stared back at them woth the same panic. Afraid that you had done something wrong.

One girl then stepped two steps forward and shakily pointed to your white skirt that now looked more like the Japanese flag.
A clear, big and wet red dot was in the middle of the white skirt that was decorated with some silky flowers at the ends and frills underneath them.

You felt your face become red, like literally. Red, and you quickly turned around and covered up your butt woth your hands. Everyone sighed in slight relief as they saw you take off your black and teacjer-looking jacket and toe it around your waist, covering up the tsunami underneath your clothes.

"We've all been trying to call you and inform you of that the last hour, but you didn't let us talk and never checked your text messages."

Your boss informed you and looked around awkwardly. That's when your phone began to play the familiar tone again. You picked it up slowly and answered it quietly whole still staring at the massive crowd in the middle of your office.

"Bravo. Like a ninja. Totally invisible and unnoticeable"

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