When you get embarrassed: Raph

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Raph's P.O.V

Leo got on my nerves today, again. So, like usual I ended up pushing the dummy again. It didn't last as long as I expected it too. But it lasted for a while.

When I was done, I took a cold shower and went in to my room. The towel hanging by my neck and dripping with water once in a while. I was still panting and still somewhat sweating, but it would go away after a while. I just needed to cool down.
When I opened the door, I nearly dropped my jaw at the sight.
(Y/N) was laying on the floor, panting with my nightwatcher helmet on her butt.


"Em...you okay there?" I asked her, he turned her head, completely red from embarrassment. I smiled and raised an eyebrow.

"Raph...honey, I'm so sorry. Can you help me!?" She asked and turned around. That's when I also saw the tears in her eyes from laughter. At that point I lost it. I laughed like the hulk being tickled in his most sensitive spots. She blushed even more at it and covered her face with her hair and hands.

"H-ho-how did you even e-end up there in the first place?!" I said between gasps and laughs.

"I don't know! This thing just attacked me out of no-wh-WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!HELP ME RAPH!!!" She screamed and threw her arms up. Then she did another try with getting it off.

No luck.

Suddenly, I felt a presence behind me. I turned over and saw Sensei standing there behind me woth wide eyes. After clearing his throat, in his usual Japanese accent, he said:

"I will leave you to fix this matter alone" After that he walked away while (Y/N) threw her arms up once again and almost begged for Sensei to stay. He was already gone though.

With a giggle, I walked up behind her and up my hands on the edges of my helmet. I did the same.

"Ready...one...two...pull!" I yelled slightly and pulled. It didn't really work, it felt like it was just getting even more stuck. I scratched my neck, attempting to hold in laughter. But after some other attempts, I got enough. So I grabbed the helmet and pulled it so hard that it actually got off her....and her pants.

My eyes widened as I stared at her butt that she didn't even know was almost bare. White boxers with a Sie right in the crack and my name on the side. (I'm sorry)
When she noticed her halv bare butt, she jumped up and pulled her pants up with a massive blush on her face. My mask wasn't even the first shade of her blush.

"Oh, look at that. You got it off...............thank you" She mumbled awkwardly and turned around to fix herself a little bit. After a while, I got a little bit curious.

Where did she even get those panties?

"So~ Explanation please"

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