When he sees you at work: Raph

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Raph's P.O.V

I had no idea what (Y/N) was doing on the evenings before bed when she wasn't hanging out with me. And I was also a little bit unsure if I should ask her too. But, it can't be anything special. She maybe just do the normal stuff like most girls do. Study, play video games, go for runs, help out in the family or something completely different.

I know that people say that it never hurts to ask, but at this point I don't think I need it. Because just a few moments ago I saw her run like a wild animal down the street and swerve sharply in to an alley. Wearing the usual blue-gray police uniform, guns on each side of her belt and a few other things like pepper spray. But she wore s pair of black running shoes instead of those usual black leather boots.

Seing that made me realize that every single job I've thought would fit her, was totally wrong. And she was working as a police officer.

That could actually explain why I've seen her around the police a few times. Like the time I saw her talk to an officer, and then jump in to the car. I usually thought that she was in trouble the whole time or only knew someone there. But I never thought she would actually be one.

Right now, I'm watching her walk calmly down the road, both guns in her hands, loaded and ready to shoot. Her hair was up in a ponytail (If you have short hair then it's just like it is), some parts of it was covered in dust and dirt. But mostly sweat because of how much she was running.

Suddenly, she stopped by an alley and pressed her back against it. Then she jumped out of her little 'hiding' spot like she was a sign that said "Shoot me". Massive gun shots could be heard and a lot of things was smashed behind her. That's when I saw three guys shooting her, but she avoided them all and shoot them all in their arms so that they fell down in pain. Not to long after that, two police cars came by, parked and arrested the three men.

"There are about 12 more in the same gang that's out there. We're sorry to make you do all of this alone but you're the best one here. We all know how skilled you are." One of the officers said and put a hand on her shoulder. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, but kept listening. (Y/N) nodded, said "Thank you" and began to jog away. The police drove away after that.

I continued following her quietly. She jogged for a while, like she was trying to keep her energy up. Out of nowhere, a huge truck bolted out from an alley, nearly driving over her. She instantly began running as fast as she could, so fast that her shadow was blurry and could easily be mistaken for a running lioness who's out on a hunt.

When she was close enough, she shoot the car's wheels and jumped on top. A massive fight could be heard from in there, and four purple dragon members was thrown out on the sidewalk one by one. After that, she got in to the driver's seat and swerved in to one of the parking stops right before the whole wheel fell off. But she didn't bother to roll it back to its place.

As soon as he foot touched the ground, a few other men started shooting at her from the rooftop that was next to mine. I was about to run and stop them, but she got there even before I could take a step.

Damn she's fast

She didn't fight them though, she first took one and then swung him around so that the others shot him instead of her, then continued like that with everyone so that they all ended up on the ground, blaming each other.
She kicked away their gun's and took out her phone After reporting the other cop's what she had done and where she was, a massive crowd of officer's got there and took away the men by carrying them over their shoulders. I had nothing to say at that point, I was amazed to say the least.

After they all were gone, she continued running and looking in all directions. I instantly recognized the running style she used.

It was my style.

I usually took large steps and had my arms close to my body, so that they wouldn't be in the way. (I run like that too) Leo usually said that it's not how a ninja should be running, but I ignored him.

I guess that she spotted some more men in a building, cause she kicked down a door and began to make her way up the stairs. I didn't want to risk being seen, so I followed her from outside.

Using skills and experience, she got passed all of the people working there and continued doing her job. They would probably be bothering her by asking questions about what she was doing there and what was going on.

I watched her then turn a sharp corner, jump up and avoid two shots coming from an open door on one side of the wall. She did so by shooting her own shoot and made the gun's ball's change direction. I had to slap myself in the face to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

After that, she kicked them both down with one single kick and threw them over her shoulder. She struggled with standing up again because of how heavy they both were, but success was on her side.

She then jumped out of and open window from that floor and took out sai's from her belt. After stabbing them in-between two bricks, making her stop falling, she calmly climbed down and jumped down from the last floor. Some more car's met her there and took the very last men from her.

I was myself panting from how scared I was after what I've seen. Every new gunshot was like a total night mare for me, cause I was afraid that she would've been shoot. She wasn't hurt at all though.

Thank God

Instead of going home right away like I thought she would, she climbed up to a rooftop.

The same rooftop as I was standing on. I knew that I should probably hide but my feet couldn't move.

"So, did you enjoy the show?" She asked me when she was standing in front of me. I tried to speak, but no words could come out of my mouth while my mind had a whole script. I wanted to yell at her so badly for not telling me that she was a cop. I didn't, I couldn't because she had just done something very important for the city.

"I joined the police right after my sister got killed, but I was trained for this even before she died. My dad is a cop and he started training me instead of letting me go to kindergarten. About when I was..." She began, but then stopped because she had to think a little bit.

"Around...7, no, 7 and a half years old." She continued. I opened my.moth to say something. I mean, I had to say something at this point. I was playing with my fake sai's when I saw yung, and Sensei started to officially train me and my brothers when we were 9. I guess we got different training.

I was opening, closing, opening, and closing my mouth. I had nothing to say at that moment. Instead of trying to come up with something to say, I started to look around to see if I could start another conversation. That's when when I saw a pair of sai's in her belt. I felt around on my belt, bit couldn't find my sai's anywhere. Realization came over me.

"Is that my sai's?" I asked, she looked over to her belt before looking up at me almost innocently. She then nodded.

"Where did you get them from? I had them in my belt just moments ago!"

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