When he's talking about you: Leonardo

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Leo's P.O.V

It has been a few weeks since my family met (Y/N). They haven't been talking a lot about her or even mentioning her.
Until now.

"Soo.....how's your girlfriend doing?"
Mikey suddenly asked me. I blushed and looked at my hands that was holding the katana's. Why did he have to ask me this now? At training?!
It felt like he wanted me to loose concentration by saying (Y/N's) name. Okay...I'll admit. It did work until I got the focus back.
"She's good. Just like always." I replied. Mikey have me that famous grin of his and continued.
"Have you kissed her again?" he asked

"or done anything else?" he continued.
I blushed a massive blush and almost dropped my katana's at the thought. Now, I know that I'm not a pervert. But seing her in a blue underwear set in my bed, looking up at me with a that small and cute blush really got to me.
I lost.
While my face was pressed against the carpet thanks to Mikey's foot, I managed to mumble:

"Good one Mikey...good one...(-_-')"

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