When you text/hang out: Raph

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After being at the funeral for your little sister, you found yourself returning home alone. Just as you looked back at the stone that was now covered in your sisters favourite flowers, you felt drops on your cheek. As you looked up, you quickly noticed that it was about to rain. You didn't mind the rain at all, so you continued walking as tears fell down your cheek. After a while of walking the rain had stopped compleatly and you got near your apartment building, you started walking slower.

Just as you were about to stop in the middle of the road to let your feet rest a little bit, someone grabbed your arm and pulled you in to an alley. You didn't fight back, you didn't scream, you didn't even make the slightest noise. You've given up already...

You closed your eyes, waiting for the person to kill you, rape you or something else that he could think about. But nothing happened. When you looked up, you saw those eyes. Your sister's eyes. Instantly, you knew who it was, and you did your best to get a smile on your face. He sighed and started to grag you somewhere. You silently followed right behind him...

Raph's P.O.V

As i she looked up at me, i could easily see the sadness and pain in her eyes. She tried to cover everything up with a smile. But as soon as she did, i totally lost it. Not too long after, i found myself dragging her to my motorcycle. I wanted to show her how beautiful the world is, even though it's painful to live in it sometimes. She followed right behing me, almost falling down while running after me while i just walked.

As i sat down on the bike, she looked at me confused. But when i took out an extra helmet, she understood and put it on. After sitting down behind me, i told her to hold on tight. She nodded and grabbed the edges of my shell. I smiled a bit and started to drive away.

Your P.O.V

He drove me to an unknown place. I wasn't sure if this was New York anymore...The alleys that we're in is so dark right now. But soon enough, i found myself on a bridge. From it, i could se the whole city. Now filled with lights and colors that reflected in the water. I loosened my grip and looked around. My, it was...gorgeous~...

After a while, he stopped and parked his bike in the middle of the sidewalk on the bridge. I got off and took the helmet of. As soon as i did i felt him stand right behind me. I didn't mind at all actually. I was so focused on the sight that i didn't even notice him staring at me. A while later, maybe 5 minutes of both of us staring at the city, i finally spoke up.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked and turned around to face him. He siged for a moment.

"Because you looked so sad, almost like you planned on killing yourself or something. So i thought that i would bring you here, this place makes me relaxed when i'm pissed off. And besides, usually, nobody comes here so it's safer than the rooftops." He explained, i smiled a real smile and looked back.

In the end, he drove me back to my apartment building and by then, i felt so relaxed and was no longer sad. When he was abbout to jump out of the window, he suddenly turned back and gave me a piece of paper. When i looked at it, i was that it was him number. Smiling to myslef i looked at the window, only to find him gone.

A few days later, i've saved his number on my phone. But i never texted him, maybe because i was shy or something... But one night, i sat by my window, holding my phone in my hand. it was around 02:00 or something, i don't know. When i was about to go to bed, i saw a moving shadow on one of the rooftops. I instantly looked back, only to find him standing right there! He looked at something that was right in front of me, so that i could see his profile. Then i looked at my phone and got an idea. I'll text him.

You: Hello
You wrote to him, then looked at him to he him taking out his phone. He looked a bit confused.
Raph: Who is it?
He wrote then looked around. But he didn't notice you. So you decided to turn on the (F/C) nightlamp you had next to your bed and stand up on your knees by the window.
You: Turn to your left.
You wrote, he ummidietly tirned to the left, seing you now standing on your knees with your palms pressed against the cold glass. It looked like he was smiling a bit, but you waren't sure. You were just focusing on his eyes, those eyes that reminded you of that special part of your family. You smiled wider at the sight and picked up your phone again.
You: Thank you so much for the other day Raph. I had a lot of fun and i hope we can do it again sometime! You wrote to him. After he red the message he looked at you for a moment before taking his phone out again.
Raph: Tomorrow at midnight. I'll pick you up. You red the message and blushed. Thanks to the dark nightlamp, he didn't see it. Before you got a chanse to anwer, a crash could be heard on the street. He instantly jumped down and starting to fight some ninjas. He nailed every move absolutely perfectly, and also made sure the ninjas died a painful death. When he was done he looked over at you, but you didn't notice. You pulled the curtains over your window and turned the nightlamp off, ready to sleep.

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