When he's talking about you: Mikey

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I was listening to music on my T-phone. It was a bunch of songs that I yet haven't listened to, and also, (Y/N) had sent me a bunch of her own songs to me. I've never even opened them because I have to listen though the other one's.

But, suddenly. I heard (Y/N)'s voice in my head phones. I looked over at the phone and saw that I was on the first song that she sent me.
Did she have her own album?!
Ny eyes widened as I stared at the picture of her in total disbelief.

"Enjoying that picture?" Leo suddenly asked me. All I could do was nod my head while the rest of my body was totally frozen. He stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to say, before he walked out of the room.

I continued to look at it for a while, but the smiled to myself and began to listen to her absolutely wonderful voice.

I swore I heard her sing my name in the background. Something not everybody notices if they don't listen extremely carefully.
But I noticed, clearly. Soon, I found myself search around on Donnie's laptop on her, only to find out that she already released 2 albums.

She wasn't very famous, like most of the other artists are. But that was enough for me!
Later, I found myself falling asleep to one of her calm songs.

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