when you meet again: Raph

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You were sitting on your bed, holding a picture of your cute little sister that you loved. Her smile there was made of pure happiness. you can still remember feeling her small arms around your neck, smell her childish smell mixed with your parfume that she always used. It was a picture of you and her together laying down on the grass, both with sun kissed cheeks and and flowers in your hair. It was when you were in a forest, you found a beautiful place and decided to take a picture there. A few butterflies was in front of the camera the whole time so you had to struggle to kep them away. After that you put it in a white frame and placed it under your pillow. She never knew that you had it since you kept it hidden. Your plan was too hide it away from her until she grew older, and when she was a fully grown woman, you would give it to her and hope that she would remember that time.

Sadly...that never hapened.

"I swear...i will kill all of those ninjar just to make them feel the same pain you felt."  You said to myself while hiding the picture under the pillow again. Not to long after the tears started again and you hid under the blanket like a small little kid.

Your P.O.V

About 20 min later I finally gave up crying and sat up, my hair now a whole mess and my make up all over my pillow.

With a sad sigh, i got up and washed away any make up. After that I decided that I would take a walk, even if it was soon midnight. My parents were asleep like the rest of the people that lived in New York. But i didn't care about that, ibneeded air since I've been in myroom for over one week. I haven't been sleeping too good as well.

When I was on the roof, I looked up at the sky, instantly seing (S/N's) eyes in the stars - just as bright, beautiful and shiny. I almost began to feel like she was looking back at me, because when i looked down, my eyes got stuck on something that looked to be moving behind something. I almost thought that it was the ghost of her, but that feeling went away quickly after i felt a raindrop fall down on my face.

Not too long after, the rain became heavier. That reminded me of the time we were spending the night alone while our parents were on a business trip. It stared to rain, heavily and (S/N) got terrified. In the end i had to sing a lullaby for her. She fell asleep really fast, and mumbled my name while hugging my wrist in her sleep.

Without thinking, i started to sing it, making sure to make it as beautiful and simple as possible. Also keeping my voice down so that i would not wake up someone. My eyes were closed as i stood there, singing in the rain. When i looked up, i saw a pair of green eyes on one roof top away from me. It looked exactly like (S/N's) eyes (please, just pretend that he she has green eyes, if she dosn't). Still signing i looked deeply in to them, hoping that i was just hallucinating, that it was just an imagination. At the last part, a tear fell from my eye and down on to my shoe.

I closed my eyes and looked down. I knew that i was just imagining things, my reality had slipped away from me a long time ago. I was alone now, my heart holllow, my body weak. 

Suddenly, i felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the same turtle - the same eyes. We looked at each other for a while, before he looked down and took something from his shell.

...My sister's scarf...

The one that the ninja grabbed instead of my sister. It was tworn on a lot of places, showing clear marks of claws. But i could also smell a fresh smell.

"That's the only thing i could find. I washed it for you so that you can keep it.....like a memory..." He said. I looked up at him...he looked like he wanted to say something more, but could not really say it...

"I'm sorry that i was too late - I  could have saved her. But i was useless. I'm supposed to fix things, but it looks like i can't fix this." He continued.

"Don't say that. I can still se her." I said, he looked at me confused. Almost like he didn't understand what i just said...

I sniffed a little and whiped away some tears with my shoulder before looking up at him again with a small smile on my face.

"Your eyes is like copies of my sister's." I said. He blushed a bit at what i just said. Just by looking at his face i started to laugh

Something i haven't done in a while

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