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"What have you done?!"


"Do you even realize what mess (Y/N) is in now?!"


"How could you?!"

Master Splinter went on and on, hit (T/N) over and over again with as much force as he could.

Ever since you and (T/N) told Master Splinter about the incident, he became absolutely furious. He didn't show it at first, but as time went by he totally lost it and called you and (T/N) in to his room to talk. Al though it didn't turn out to be a talk at all. Sensei was blaming the entire thing (T/N), and started to hit slap him across his face to show him how mad he was. You were a bit beaten up yourself, but not as much as (T/N) because you had a living thing inside you. A bruise was visible at your face though.
(T/N) was badly beaten up. Not like as if he was in a fight with Shredder, but more like...you didn't even know how to describe it. He had nothing but bruises on his cheeks after so many times Master Splinter had slapped him.

After a few more hits, (T/N) lost his strength and fell down in to your lap. You were sitting on your knees next to him, trying not to watch as pain spread across (T/N)'s face over and over again.

"Don't you dare hide from me you fool!" Master Splinter shouted and raised his hand to slap (T/N) once again. You took control over your body and covered (T/N)'s head - and as much of his neck and shoulders as you could - and took the hit instead of him. Master Splinter froze in place after he had realized he had hit a lady. He hated himself for that, and everything he had done to his son.

As you looked up, uncovering (T/N)'s bruised face and tearstained face, you locked eye contact with Master Splinter and gave him a death glare. He seemed to realize what he had done, because when he looked down at (T/N) his eyes widened and he covered his mouth with the hand he had slapped him with.

Hours later, you found yourself in (T/N)'s room while he was laying in his bed, resting a bit on his bed. The punches he had to meet were more forceful that he was used to, so it took a lot of energy for him to not break down in front of you - al though you thought that he should.
you sat there for a while, before taking your bag and opening your computer. (T/N) saw what you were doing, and in the corner of your eye you saw a glimpse of confusion in his eyes, but he didn't question it.

After opening a WordDocument, you made it look like a school wanted you to study there. And a school that was on the other side of the earth so that the time would be different. You would go to sleep there when your parents would wake up. Then, you filled in your information and made it look as professional as you could. It turned out great, and you were also smart enough to write the name of a school that was on the other side of the earth and that you had looked at. You wrote the number, but switched places on two numbers. It was still the number, but it was a bit wrong and could be dismissed as a simple mistake - not that your parent's would call the number in the first place. Then you added your passport picture and pasted it in to the corner where your personal information were.

After creating a fake email account, you send the file to your parents. If you suddenly had to disappear and hide from the world, you had to make sure nobody was worried. Your parent's would think that you simply went to study in another school, and the letter you wrote them after it, telling them that you got accepted to a really great school, made it all even more believable.

If was all an act though. And you hated the fact that you had to hide from your own family because you've fallen in love. But seriously, how could you tell your parent's about (T/N)?
Simple, you can't.
(T/N) chuckled at your idea, and rubbed your shoulder slightly. He understood what you wanted to do, and what you were planning.

From now on, the life you had was secret. You had a real life, and a false one. You would still talk to your phone over the phone, but you would never tell them where you were. Ever

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