When you wear a kimono: Casey (Request)

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Taking small and slow walks was another of your routine. It wasn't daily bit it was often. Like small dates. Okay. Mini dates.

It usually started out with Casey taking you home like a real gentleman, then riding past your house again (after finishing his homework) to hang out with some of his friends but stop and ask you out on a little mini date instead of skateboarding with some of his buddies. It was really sweet of him, but you sometimes got a little worried that his own friends would leave hum because he's always hanging out with you. You did tell him that to but he just said 'It's fine'. He never really answered any of your questions about that, so after a while, you stopped asking him.

Today was one of those day's when you were out on a mini date. He had already showered you woth small gifts. Like a necklace that you saw in one of the shops and a few other things. In your hands you held two paperbags with sweets. One for him and one for you. Casey isn't somebody that likes sweets, so he took a really simple treet. A brownie with the taste of coffee, and a really strong taste too while you had some fruits dipped in all kinds of stuff.
Strawberries strawberries with chocolate, bananas with honey and pineapple with caramel. ( All of that is really good guy's, try it sometimes but don't take too much honey on the bananas and make sure it's that transparent sort of honey okay? *Wink*)

You suddenly past an Asian clothing shop. It made you stop in the middle of the road and turn your head twoards the window. Inside was a plastic doll wearing a golden kimono. Every single detail was absolutely perfect and fitted together. Like a wonderful piano song. One hands playing one thing while the other played something else and created something absolutely gorgeous together.

The kimono had a light yellow color, almost while in the light. On the very bottom was some sunflowers sewn in to the fabric gracefully. The belt had a warm brown shade to it with another smaller white belt over it. The edges of the sleeves had a golden color that glittered beautifully.

Casey must've noticed your intrest because he suddenly grabbed your hand and dragged you in to that shop. A beautiful Chinese lady ummidietly came out from another room and greeted you both with a 'hello' woth a Chinese accent.

"Can (Y/N) here, please try that kimono in the window?" Casey asked. You panikied but before you could say anything, the lady smiled, laughed a little bit and took your hand.

"Of course, come in" She said, AL though the accent made it almost sound like 'of cause, comeín'

You turned to Casey but he just waved you off and turned to look at other things.

The lady started off woth asking you to take of your clothes and leave your underwear. With awkward movements, you did so and watched as she covered your half-naked body with a white and long dress-thing. Imagine like a normal T-shirt but one that goes all the way down to the ground. Then she continued by putting on some other pieces of clothing and in the very end, the belts.

After she was done, you walked out and greeted Casey. He was standing by all of the bamboo fans and pieces of clothing. As soon as he turned around and saw you, he almost chocked on his own air. That made you giggled and step forward. He took some steps twoards you and then walked around you twice. You followed him woth your head and smiled. But that smile quickly turned in to a shocked and embarrassed expression when he took out his phone and took a picture of you from behind. At least he showed you the picture.

You were shown from behind, from head to waist, head turned twoards the camera and your hair was pushed over your shoulder. (If you have short hair then it's just like it is)

After you had smiled and nodded to that picture, he turned his phone off and pulled out some money to pay for the kimono. You stopped him though.

"No please. You've paid enough for me, don't you think this is a little bit too much?" You asked him and looked up at him with a worried look. He raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure, you look absolutely beautiful in it and it's not that expensive." He said and lifted his hand down a bit. You turned twoards the lady that was standing right behind you, watching the scene.

"Sorry. It's a lovely kimono Ms. But I think that my boyfriend here have paid enough for me and my own money is home. Do you mind helping me change in to my own clothes?" You asked kindly, and watched as she nodded and led you back in to the room.

After you got dressed in your normal clothes, you thanked the lady and walked out of the shop with Casey. He looked back the shop for a moment but didn't say anything. Maybe he saw something that he wanted, and if that was the case then he was a little bit stupid for not buying it earlier. What if it wasn't there when he would return? The world wouldn't end, but he would be disappointed.

Honestly, you were disappointed that you didn't get to take that kimono home. But what would you do with it? You would probably wear it once and then hide ot in your closet. And besides, Casey may have said that it was not expensive, but he didn't really look at the prize.

350$...Not to expensive?

Plus, it was your choice to leave it there. You felt bad for Casey having to pay for everything you looked at, even if you didn't ask for it. And he always buy you stuff. You didn't need more than that. Actually, you didn't need his 'presents' at all. You were happy with just having Casey and his attention.

Happiness isn't something you can easily buy, it's something you can easily make.

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