The lair: Leonardo

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Leo invited you to over to his place. His brothers wanted to see you again and show you their home. Leo hesitated at first, but after minutes of trying to make the cutest puppy dog eyes ever, he gave up and decided to take you to his place.

It was 20:00. (8PM) The sun was down, and you were in your room getting ready. Smelling newly washed, just as your clothes did, you finally thought you looked pretty, but not too much. You didn't wear any make up either.

Suddenly, there was a gentle knock och your window. Turning around, you saw no one else than Leo, smiling sweetly at you. You opened the window and backed away a bit, expecting him to step inside. But he just reached his hand out and smiled wider. You took it and happily jumped up in his arms. He carried you all the way bridal style, like a real gentleman.

As soon as he set you down, he took your hand again and made you follow him. You almost tripped over, twice, but he always caught you and continued to walk.
When you finally got to the lair, the first thing you saw was the living room. You looked around a bit, seing how beautiful other was here compared to the rest of the sewers.

Smiling to yourself, you thought ;
This is where my Leo belong. It's perfect for him, just as beautiful as he is.

Then, you looked up only to see him look back down at you.
He stepped in as you followed, and showed you around. His brothers all greated you, you even got a hug from two of them. I think it's obvious who didn't give you a hug. When Master Splinter came out of his room, he greeted you with a little bow. You bowed back, showing respect.

Throughout the night, you felt like a totally different person. It was so relaxing there, the living room was decorated with small, but meaningful things. Like pictures of the family. As you were looking through them while Leo went to the kitchen to get you something to drink. You spotted a picture of Mr. Hamato and a beautiful lady next to him. You didn't take it in to your hands, because it was a little bit dusty and looked to be really important.

Your P.O.V

"That's Sensei's wife....She died though." I suddenly heard Leo say from behind me. I felt so bad for Master Splinter. I don't know what it feels like to lose someone that important, beautiful and meaningful. It must've been really hard for Master Splinter all these years. I looked over at Leo.
His head was down, and his hands were holding two cups of hot green tea with small lemon slices. I gently took them out of his hands and placed them on a table. Then, I took his hands and looked at him.

"She's not gone you know. She's always with here." I said and pointed to his heart. He sighted.

"You don't understand, she died even before me and my brothers got mutated. She didn't know us, and we didn't know her as well. No one but Sensei knows her." Leo explained.

"Maybe, but that doesn't mean that she's gone. I'm sure she's watching over you and your family, right now." I said and placed my hands on his cheeks...his wet cheeks.

That's when I realized that he was tearing up. I really hated to se him like that, even if it was my first time seing it, it still broke me on the inside.

I tried to hug him, but I wasn't tall enough to be able to hug him around his neck. So I just hugged him around his arms and tried to around his shell. My arms weren't long enough to reach each other, and I had to stand on my toes to make sure I didn't hug his stomach.

He chuckled at the sight, lifted me up and walked in to his room. I began to wonder what he wanted to do in there, since the perverted part of my brain took control.

Before sitting down on the bed, he turned around, then sat down. His back was leaning against the wall while I was on top of him. He took my hands and placed them on each side of his chest. Then looked deeply in to my eyes.
Moments passed like that.

"Do you feel it?" he asked me. I thought for a moment about what he meant, but then noticed a slight beat on my hands. I quickly realized that he ment his heart.

I nodded.

"That's how strong my heart beats for you and that's how hard Sensei's heart is still beating for his wife. After all these years. That's how strong love is." He started and came just a bit closer, not letting go of my hands. My eyes got wider, and I felt my own puls get faster. After a while of blinking back tears again, he continued.

"Love, like Sensei's and ours, will never break. It will only get stronger for each minute (Y/N),please...tell me" he leaned his head down so that out foreheads touched.

"If I die before you...will you still love me?" he finally asks and looked up a bit. I felt his breath all over my face. It smelled a little bit like coconut and toothpaste. My eyes watered up. Thank God I wasn't wearing make up or else I would've looked like I ghost. I nodded with a small shaky movements. Then leaned my face down in to the crook of his neck.

"Of course, I would've never dreamt of anyone than you. I would've lived on, but prayed for you every day. I would never let go of you, not now, or in the future. No matter how much you'll hurt me, if you ever will, I'll still be there with you. But please... Don't say stupid things like that. If you would die, then who's lips will I kiss?
Who will keep me company in the darkest nights? And even wake me up at three am just to talk to me? Who? "
I said, my tears were now fully rolling down my cheeks. Leo didn't say anything for a while. I guess he wasn't expecting anything like that.
I just smiled and kissed the closest thigh to my mouth which was his neck. I didn't want to lift my face up and show him how much I cried. Feeling him shiver slightly, then gently press my head down on to his shoulder while leaning his head on mine. I kissed his neck again and getting the same reaction for him. Smiling, I finally looked up, seing his face so relaxed with a smile and a blush on.

"Do you like" I asked him and pointed at the spot where I just kissed him. He looked at me, his blush getting stronger. But then he nodded.

"Again?" I asked him quietly and leaned forward. He shook his head, and pointed to his lips. I smiled and leaned in for a kiss.
He met me halfway. I honestly expected him to be a bit forceful. But no, he was so gentle, as if I was a doll.
Fireworks exploded in my stomach, and a wanted more. But I didn't do anything,I didn't even show it to him.

When we both were out of breath, we let go. Both of us were slightly panting, and I was staring to feel my body heat up. (not in a sexual way) Leo felt the same.

"I think we should rest a bit." Leo panted out. I nodded and layed my head on his shoulder. We talked about random stuff for a while, but then both fell asleep.

Later, Master Splinter came in the room, and smiled at the sight. Leo's hands were around my waist and mine was on his chest. Both of us were smiling in our sleep and once in a while, we snuggled closer. Master Splinter came closer and pulled Leo's blanket on top of us, took of Leo's bandana and placed it on the table. (If you wear glasses: Then he took off my glasses and placed them near by the blue bandana.)
Before walking out of the room, he glanced over at us one last time.

"Oh honey... Look at them, not wanting to let go, even while they sleep. " He said, then walked over to his room, sat down by the little shrime and prayed.

"Please, watch over them, keep both of them away from harm, my other sons as well. I'm doing my best to raise them properly To make them all strong and wise. That girl, (Y/N), she has captured Leonardo's heart. Help him be strong and calm, for her. Let their love grow stronger, let them live happier with each second, even when I'm gone. Let my other son's find that love as well. They need it.
"I love you"

He said while looking up, hoping that his wife would hear him while a single tear ran down his cheek.

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