Lines that turn him on. (All)

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Leo was a whole mystery, so you always had to go through a whole list of words and lines to make him laugh or other stuff. But there was one line that always seemed to work. And especially in the bedroom.

"Be my Leader"


Raph would smirk at the smallest thing that you said or did. It was something he did to show you that he was listening to whatever you said or cared about whatever you did.

If you would get startled and fall down, he would smirk and then help you up.

When you were in a bad mood, you would walk in circles in his room ranting while he would be watching you with a smirk on his face.

He easily got in the mood for fluffy stuff if you were alone. Like kissing for example. Because of it, you sometimes needed to be a bit careful with your words.

There was one line that you almost regretted saying. It was when you two were 'cuddling' on his bed. He was reading his magazine again and you two then started talking about muscles and strength.

"Why don't you show me how stong you are?"


Every guy has a secret side. No matter how much they pretend to be busy with something, their minds were filled with what they could do instead.

Donnie was one of those guys. He was always working on the outside, but thinking about you on the inside. Later, he would let all of his thought and feelings out. You always enjoyed getting kisses down your cheek and neck randomly from him. It showed that he cared.
But you also needed to remember that those kisses could turn in to something different just by saying something wrong.

You noticed it in the dojo when he was teaching you how to use his Bo.

"Whoa, Be careful with your stick Donnie."


Mikey wasn't as innocent as everyone might think. Sure, he was around his family, but when you two were alone he turned in to a whole different person.

You didn't call him 'Mikey' at moments like that. You kalled him 'King' which usually made him smile, knowing that you trusted him. And that turned in to a whole new lever when you said:

"My King"


Casey was a fan showing emotions, but in his own little way. He usually did it in the library when you were done working. Buying you snacks once in a while and feeding you with them. Sometimes you would come over to help him study, but it would always turn in to a cuddle session instead.

The sweets he baught for you was always in your bag and they were way too much for you to eat up the same day, so you shared it. It was really fun, especially when he accidentally dropped it out of his mouth and you would end up kissing him instead. You would giggle quietly at it and try again.

"You're so sweet"

You would always say before kissing him. And that turned him on!


There was only one word to describe Tigerclaw.


When you would sleep over, you would sleep in the same bed and he would always hug you around your waist. It didn't matter if it was from behind or not.

If it was from behind, he would touch your inner thighs with one of his hands.

If it was from the front, his hands would slowly slide down from your waist, across your but and then move on to your thighs.

You would always blush at it, which he enjoyed. He was a wild animal at night, and that thought made you blush throughout the night.

If he could sleep, he'd wake you up by squeezing your but and beg for kisses and affection. You'd always just rub your eyes and move closer to him. The affection you showed would be slow at first, but as soon as you were completely awake it would be wild and heated. Like really.


"Show me what you've got, Tiger"

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