When he sees you naked: Leonardo

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You were taking a really needed shower. Washing your hair and body as carefully as you could. Doing everything to make your body clean and soft for, not only yourself, but for Leo. You knew that he loved it when you're all smooth and smelled nice.

At the moment, you were in your bathtub, relaxed and enjoyed the soft music that was playing in your headphones. Some bubbles were covering your chest and your legs were placed close together. Your arms were resting on the edges and had some bubbles on them as well.
It was something you used to do once or twice a week. Relax like this.
But now with Leo, you had been spending more time with him than yourself.

The entire moment was piceful. The hot water that almost burned your skin made you relax. The amount of soap you had on your body cleaned you well and the oil on your face, neck and chest was making you all smooth. Your legs were underneath the water for some time and you took them out of it once in a while. Old skin had already been removed from your feet, leaving them smooth like a baby's feet. Your hair was wet and covered with a hair mask to make sure that it don't dry out and will feel smooth.


Everything was absolutely perfect. The moment, the smell, the scent that filled your nose and relaxed you even on the outside.

Everything was perfect.

Everything then got broken by the sound of your window on the other side of the wall opening. Footsteps could also be heard. They were heavy, so you instantly recognized who it was.

Before you could step out of the bathtub and warn him, you heard the footsteps come closer and the door handle being pressed down slightly. You panikied and did the first thing you could.


Taking the deepest breath you've done in your entire life, you pressed yourself down in to the bathtub right before the door opened and Leo came in. You heard him mumble a few things, like:

I wonder where she is

God, how could I come here in such shape, I should worked out a bit more and showed off while I had some sweat om me.

After a few more mumbles, you started to struggle with keeping yourself under water. Not only that, but the soap stared to sting your eyes.

After a few more seconds, you gave up and pulled yourself up from the water. Smiling at the feeling of air coming in to your lungs again, you almost moaned in pleasure.

Opening your eyes, you noticed that Leo was still in the bathroom, fixing his bandana slightly by tying it tighter around his head. His face showed no other emotion but surprise and shock. His mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out. You copied his expression and made everything turn more awkward than it already was.

Suddenly, his surprised expression turned in to something that you couldn't describe.

What did small eyes and a smirk say about what he was thinking?

He then came over to you and pulled you closer to his face by your neck. You gasped and covered your chest with your hands. Before your lips met, you shuttered out:

"N-n-n-not here L-l-l-Leo. I'm n-n-n-naked..."

He stopped and opened his eyes that you didn't even realize were closed.

"Yeah...You are..."

"...So am I"

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