When he sees you naked: Tigerclaw

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Hello there everybody! I just found out that the computer that i baught won't come until next week. That made me of course mad so I'm here now at school, using the schools computer to write you the chapter, even if it's against the school's roules.  The computers are for schoolwork only. Se! I'm breaking the rules for you guys!!!

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Today was a bad day for you. One of your colleagues accidentally scared you out of your skin, which led to you spilling your newly made coffee all over your chest. Being someone who likes to wear a proper outfit for each day, the white blouse didn't really help at all. Those made the coffee go right through your shirt and burn your entire chest badly.

Your already sensitive skin now had a red burn mark on it and some parts were even blue because of the chock.

So here you were, in Tigerclaw's bathroom drowning your body in cold water. While you were panting from the pain that spread across your body, your body not only healed, but also freeze in to an ice cube, almost. The water wasn't actually so cold, but it felt like minus millions of degrees. You looked down at your base chest once in a while to see if the cold water helped anything. It did, but slowly.

All of the sudden you heard the front door open and close, while footsteps also could be heard. That made it pretty obvious that Tigderclaw was home from work. He was the only one you needed to see right now, but you had to get up and quickly get dressed before he could see you like this. You weren't afraid of him seeing you naked, you were afraid of what he might say when you tell him about your wound. He was a really caring and gentle man, but working for Shredder made him loose control over words. He would sometimes call you "Clumsy", "Trouble" or other things that you weren't really used to, but he would of course always apologize for what he had said.

Before you could get up and get dressed, the door opened and Tigerclaw was on his way in. Time seemed to freeze at that moment. You both locked eye contact and began to lose words. You were about to explain before he went fully in and closed the door behind him. Locking it as well even though it was no use since it was only you two in the apartment.

"What happened to your chest!?" He asked you when he saw the red and blue mark all over your chest. Some loose skin was hanging down as well. You sighed and began to explain out of pure embarrassment. He watched your chest vibrate when you spoke with worried eyes and slowly put his hands on your shoulders to bring you up from the bathtub.

"W-what are you doi-"

"It's good that you soaked it in ice cold water, but you won't be able to put anything tight over that for a while...Like a bra or a tight T-shirt." You looked down at your chest for a while before looking up at him again.

"Not even sleeping on my stomach?" You asked almost sadly because that was your comfortable position in his bed.

"Not even sleeping in your stomach." He repeated after you and pulled you up from the water. You thought that he would be all perverted and start checking out you curves and...stuff. But he didn't.

After he had given you some painkillers and gave you one of his shirts, one of those that literally were like a dress on you, he positioned himself next to you in his bed and sighed. A sigh of worry and disappointment.

"Clumsy." Was the only thing that could be heard in the darkness that was lit up by a small lamp on the table in front of the bed. You sighed and mumbled an apology. He rose up from his back and opened the shirts that he gave you too look at your wounds. You didn't even bother to cover your chest when the shirt was halfway open and revealed your base chest. All burned and red.

With a sigh, he leaned down and started to lick it slightly. It was painful at first, because you were not expecting that from him. At first, you were trying to get him away from you, but what's the pint in that when he is twice your size.

"Stop it. I'm cleaning your wound, stupid!" He almost yelled in irritation. At that point you stopped struggling, but you still held in some whimpers of pain. After 10 minutes of him licking the same places, the pain disappeared and it actually felt sort of nice. Warm and caring. It was so relaxing that you actually fell in to a deep slumber. He didn't notice this until you turned your head in the other direction. That made him look up at you and smile at the sight. He slowly leaned up to your face and licked the corner of your lips before kissing them as well.

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