When you text/ Hang out: Leo

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You sat on the edge of your rooftop, looking up at the sky that was compleatly black. No stars. no coulds and no moon, just black. It was boring at first, untill you felt movement behind you. As sharply as you could, you turned around only to find a piece of paper laying on the ground right behinf you. You picked it up and red the number carefully. On the edge of the paper stood: Text me.

Being the stupid girl you were. you started to text, compleatly unaware of the blue eyes waching you from behind.

you: Hello.
Leo: Hello (Y/N).

Your eyes widened as you looked at the screen. Leo started to chuckle at your reaction.

you: How do you know who i am?
Leo: Because you know me.
You: What? Who is this?
Leo: Leo.
At this point you let out air that you didn't even know you were holding in and fell to the ground, landing on your back with your arms spread out. You were panting because of how scared you were. Leo tried to hold in laughter as best as he could and continue texting you

You: My holy Mona Lisa! You scared me to death!
Leo: Sorry, just wanted to mess around, my brothers never let me do that to them so...
You: So you found me and decided to mess around with my mind instead huh?
Leo: Sort of...
You: Wait...then that means that you actually found me...and you're looking at me right now?
Leo: Why don't you look around?

You literally jumped up to your feet and started looking around. But you didn't see anything, only darkness.

Leo: Look's like you can't find me.
You glared at your phone for a moment, feeling like you were going to brake it. Then looked around again, still, nothing was there. That's when you decided too walk around and not only look around. When you did so, he decided to walk right behind you and not hide in the shadows.

Leo: Having trouble?
You: Shut up and show yourself. How can you hide here anyway?! I'm on a rooftop, it's nothing here that can help you hide!

Leo: That's right. Nothing, but not no one to hide behind.

Suddenly you stopped and felt around with your hands right behind you, instantly feeling his shell. He chuckled when you turned around, your face almost red with anger as you gave him a glare. He glared back at you, but did something with his left eye that made you slowly burst out laughing while falling to your knees.

"Works everytime." He smirked to himself while looking down at you. One of your hands were in front of your face while the other one was on the ground. At that point he could not help but think how adorible your laugh was.
When you finally calmed down you stood up again, wiping some of the tears that you had on your face. Leo's eyes widened at the sight.
"Did you laugh that hard!?" He asked you. All you could do was nod, the rest of that evening he tried to teach you how to do that, but you always started laughing at it.

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