When everyone finds out: Mikey

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Mikey's P.O.V

"One more." (Y/N) said and stood up on her toes. Just as I was about to lean in for another kiss, I heard my phone ring. With disappointment all over my face, I answered it. It was Donnie.

"Hello." I casually answered. But the answer I got wasn't something I was expecting.

"WHERE THE SHELL ARE YOU!?!?!? YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY HAS BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU?!?!?!?!?!?" I nearly dropped the phone while (Y/N) giggled and went to stand on her feet again.

"Dude, relax I'm just at my girlfriends house." I said but quickly regretted it. (Y/N's) face became pale, so did mine.

".ha.ha... Like you have a gir-WHAT?!"
I had no idea what to say at this point. What would anyone say at a situation like this?

"That's it! I'm tracking your phone Mikey."
Donnie said. I instantly ran to her window, opened the window and threw it out. But when I threw it, I heard a faint 'Ow!' coming from the direction I threw my phone in. I recognized the voice as Leo's. Oh god NO!!!

We tried to hide any evidence of me being here, but my brothers found me any way. Raph grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up on the rooftop. Thank god he didn't find (Y/N). So she at least was safe from this wild beast.

Up on the rooftop, my brothers tried their best to talk. But always ended up shouting in my face.

"You have a fricking girlfriend?! What if she can't be quiet about us?!" Raph screamed in my face, nearly jumping on me but Leo held him in place.

"What's wrong with me?" I suddenly heard (Y/N) say behind me. Instantly, it felt like time stopped as everyone's eyes turned to her. She walked up to me with her arms crossed, leaned slightly on me and gave my brothers a creepy glare.

"If I wanted to tell someone about you I would have done it a lo~ng time ago. And also, if I told anybody about you, they would just look at me like I was crazy and don't believe me. AND, I'm not afraid to say this but, I Love your brother from the bottom of my heart. And I don't want to betray him."

I thought in my head as I gave them the same look. They gave up not long after. But for some reason, their eyes turned to behind us.

I felt a breath on my neck, so did (Y/N).
Both of our eyes got slightly wider and we looked at each other before slowly turning around...

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