First kiss:Raphael.

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It was late at night. You tried your hardest to sleep but something kept coming up in your mind. Or more like someone.
After a while of trying to fall asleep, you gave up. So, you decided to call him to see if he had any suggestions. Since it was pretty late at night, he probably was put on patrol.
Taking up your phone, getting shocked from the sudden light, you finally managed to call him.

"Hello. Why are you calling me this late at night? Shouldn't you be sleeping?" He asked me.

"No, I'm not sleeping. I can't." I told him, actually, he didn't have to hear me tell him that I couldn't. He would just simply.

"I'm coming over then." He said.

After a while, I heard a gentle knock on my window. I knew who it was. Stepping out from the warm blanket and opened the window for him, I saw that he was dressed in something.
I was about to ask why he was wearing until:
" *sigh.* Sorry for not telling you... I'm the night watcher." He said to me. Then, he took his helmet off, revealing his absolutely gorgeous eyes.
"So, why did you have to come over?" I asked him and sat down on my bed. He looked at me, then started taking the suit off.
"I'm here to cuddle you to sleep." He said and winked at me. I blushed when he took the shirt off and looked away when he was about to take his pants off. He noticed it and smirked.
"To embarrassed to look at your own boyfriend strip?" He asked and walked over to me. I couldn't look at him. I just, couldn't.
He turned off the lights and went under the blanket. Then, he grabbed my arm and pulled me down next to him. Or more like, almost on top of him. I don't know why I was so embarrassed. We've been close like this a few times before. I guess I was afraid of doing something wired here with him.

His arms wrapped around my waist, and pulled me closer. I did the same, but around his neck. Now, I began to feel tired and wanted to sleep. Just by feeling his pastorn on my stomach made me relax it. Hearing his breath above my head, feeling my hair getting blown slightly made me want to turn my brain off. His arms were like a cage, they didn't let me go anywhere, and didn't let anybody in. It was just me, and him...alone.

I felt him move his head, and look down at me. To show him that I wasn't sleeping, I looked up at him. Seeing his face as close to me as the day he confessed. Which was actually two weeks ago.
Looking deeply in to his eyes, that was almost glowing in the dark, I didn't notice him move closer. It wasn't until I felt his lips on mine that I realized how close he actually was. But I didn't pull away. I kissed him with passion, showing him to never let me go. He moved one of his arms from my waist and to the back of my head. I let go of his neck, and pulled my hands down on to the edges of his plastorn. Pulling me up by it.
We continued like that for a while, changing positions every once in a while. With each position, the kiss became more heated. More loving and caring.
But in the end, we had to stop before anything wired could happen. And besides, we both were panting. We both were tired.
He collapsed down on to the bed again, since he just stood up on all four and kissed me. It made me jump slightly but then land softly back down again. He looked at me the whole time I did so, and then pulled me back to cuddle.
The whole time, I felt his puls, I felt his muscles relax slowly, I felt him look down at me and feel his arms wrap slowly around my waist again and make some gentle motions on it.

The best sleep treatment ever. It was passionate, it was tiring....and.... aloud me to fall asleep to his heart beat....

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