When you're embarrassed: Casey

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You and Casey were both sitting in class. The teacher went on and on about the human body while everyone scribbled down as much they could in their notebooks. You were one of them, changing pages over and over again so that you could continue writing. Highlight was something you did after you were done with the class.

"So, that was about the stomach dear students, now it's time to get further down and learn about the hormones."

The teacher informed the class. You stopped in the middle of everything and looked up at him/her. She/He began to draw up the female...things and the guy's started to whistle while mocking the girls with dirty jokes.

You turned your head to the side, trying to hide your embarrassment but only met Casey's eyes. He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at you. You suddenly slammed your face in the desk, making everyone laugh at you.

After you came up, the girl next to you put a hand on your shoulder in understanding. You pouted and took her hand. This led to her taking another girls hand, and so on and so on until ever single girl in the classroom were holding hands.

You looked around in dissbelief and made eye contact with everyone before looking at Casey.

"This is how humiliating it will be for you guys, good luck even trying to be as tough as us."

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