Gone (all)

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After you've finally managed to catch (T/N), you made him sprit out all of his feelings and made him promise to be completely honest with you from now on...

Moths later you and (T/N) have completely forgotten about what happened. You have been living happier than those princesses and princes in Disney movies. Nothing could go wrong. You still kept him a secret - of course - , but with each day he came home more tired than before after patrol. You were scared that he was working himself sick, and that made you ask Master Splinter if he could train you to become a Kunoichi. You have already chosen a weapon, and you have gotten your very own Kanji (It's a character that the turtles have. Like Leo's mean wind, Raphael = fire, Donnie =mountain and Mikey = forest. But think of your own, like water or snow or whatever you think first you)

And days later, (T/N) comes up to you, absolutely panicked like the rest of the city - you as well - grabs your hand and drags you to a white and strange-looking ship. He threw you inside and ran over to close the door. You were confused and slightly mad at him for throwing you like you were a piece of garbage, though panic was clear in his eyes.

Suddenly, she ship lifted, and fast too, making everyone stumble a bit except a white robot that was in the middle.
You closed your eyes and held your head in your hands in case something would fall down you. And when you opened your eyes -
- you were in space

It was gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. The only thing that made all of the color on your face dissappear was the earth that was slowly breaking and burning in to pieces right before you eyes. You froze when it was completely gone, and cilently sobbed inside.

(T/N) saw the horror in your eyes and came over to you. You broke down before he was by you though. You were saved...you were alive, you were selfish enough to just follow him in to she ship and leave your family behind like that. You were SO stupid, and you almost regretted following in to the ship in the first place.

You should just have died with your family while (T/N) did great things to the universe...

Hi! For your information...THIS IS NOT A PART IN THE ACTUAL STORY!!! I made this chapter because I recently watched the two last episodes and simply got inspired by it.

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