When he's human: Tigerclaw

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This one will be a little bit different. Instead of him actually being human, you will only see what he looked like as human.
Song to this chapter:  冷漠 - 醉紅顏 (大陸歌手)

You were at Tigerclaw's, again! It was on a Friday night, so you both could stay up a little bit later. You two had just showered, right after taking a bubble bath of course, and Tigerclaw was now fixing you both something to drink.

While he did so, he let you stay in his room and not the guestroom. You weren't wearing one of his shirts today though. You brought you own sleepwear, which Tigerclaw almost regretted seing since he though that you looked sexy in them. (Imagine the sexiest sleepwear you could picture yourself in, you don't have to think of a whole set, just imagine something hot.)

After a while of laying on your back on his bed, you turned over to lay on your stomach, bringing the pillow with you. Just before you closed your eyes, something caught your attention. You opened your half-closed eyes and looked a little bit closer. It turned out to be a framed picture of a young man. He was beautiful to say the least, and looked awfully familiar.

"I was truly beautiful back then" You suddenly heard Tigerclaw say as he sat down on the bed behind you. You didn't look at him and only stared at the picture. You barely even recognized him, except the eyes of course.

"And now look at me" He continued silently and sadly. You turned around and hugged him around his waist, burying your face in to his wet and furry chest that you loved so much. He chuckled and hugged you back.

"So you don't think you're beautiful now?" You said after a pause. Silence filled the room, Tigerclaw must be thinking. After a while he shrugged. You hugged him tighter and took a breath.

"Well, you were beautiful, but you still are. I like you as the kitty-cat you are. Don't be so hard on yourself and think of yourself as a freak, I love it and keep that in mind." You confessed, feeling your face heating up. Another pause. Before you could break the silence again, Tigerclaw spoke up.

"Kitty-cat? So you don't think of me as a terrifying tiger?" He asked confused, but you could tell that he was smiling from his tone. You looked up at him and shook your head.

"No, I like tigers. They're cute, not scary." You said. He made a 'A-ha' sound while nodding slightly and slowly. The tone he used made you feel a little bit uneasy, since it wasn't anything normal for him.

"So, tigers are cute huh? Well, what if I show you my scary side?!" He suddenly yelled in your face, smiling and pinning you down on the bed with one hand, and tickling your sides with the others. Now laughter was filling the room, not silence.

"I can be pretty dangerous (Y/N)!!! That's something for you too keep in mind!"

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